Tanjung Bongo Lombok, a Gem Hidden in Plain Sight


One of the most unique parts of Mandalika in southern Lombok is Tanjung Bongo. Unlike many other beaches in the area, Tanjung Bongo is relatively hidden from tourists’ eye. It can be the hidden gem in the area that is being massively developed.

The view atop Tanjung Bongo. via Instagram/sahuleksa

The actual Tanjung Bongo area is actually very small. However, it is so unique and rather hidden, not everyone has seen it. In a way, visiting this beach requires a lot of effort, compared to the neighboring beauties. However, that makes it even more wonderful.


The hidden beach. via Instagram/endysoedrajat

This beach is located at the very end of a long headland. You enter at the Merese Hill but you don’t stop walking until you reach the very end of the cape. From the hill, you can see a wonderful beach under a cliff. That is Tanjung Bongo. This beach is definitely hard to find, even harder to reach. However, that is one of the reasons why it is so sought after by tourists who have heard about it.

The Hills

The hill overlooking the beach. via Instagram/glochaw

The hills are actually the continuation of Merese Hill, a wonderful viewing hill in Mandalika. However, those who visit Merese usually only go there to enjoy the view of Tanjung Aan and Serenting Beaches from above. If you continue walking on the headland, you will reach a small cliff at the end of it. This is the hill where you can see Tanjung Bongo below you.

The Beach

Coming down to the beach. via Instagram/anindiaziskiaulfa96

The sandy area at Tanjung Bongo is not too large. It’s just a corner of the land, located at the hidden nook of a cape. However, you can see that the beach is wonderful. The white sandy beach blends seamlessly with the turquoise sea. At the very end of the beach, you can see there is a rocky area. In this area, you can find small lagoons which often called mini bathtubs by visitors.

The Sunset

Wonderful sunset view. via Instagram/julialouisea

There are several ways to enjoy Tanjung Bongo. You can enjoy it from above from the hill or come directly down to the beach. However, one of the most underrated beauty in this place is the sunsets. There are not many people who are willing to enjoy sunsets here because the walk home can be treacherous. Even so, the sunset here is spectacular, some even say that it is more beautiful than in Merese.

The beach. via Instagram/vanderriele

Tanjung Bongo is a nice little hidden island located at the end of Lombok. This beach is actually within the popular Mandalika area, but due to its hidden location, not many people can enjoy it. This beach can be your next adventure when you visit Lombok.

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