Exploring the Most Interesting Spots in Pagaralam


Pagaralam is a city on the eastern part of South Sumatra Province. It is really close to the border with Bengkulu Province. Pagaralam is a city located on the highland, some part of it is on the slope of Mount Dempo. Consequently, you can find lots of beautiful mountainous spots in Pagaralam.

The panorama of Pagaralam. via instagram/maytravelindonesia

From the tea plantation to the top of the mountain, Pagaralam promises a wonderful journey to whoever is willing to explore it. Here are some of the most interesting spots in Pagaralam, South Sumatra.

Tegur Wangi Site

There are lots of ancient sculptures like this. via instagram/ecofitrian

The site is named after the village it’s located on. There are lots of historic artifacts like stone sculptures and rock carvings. The artifacts spread around the village and not all of them are protected. If you are into history, this is the best place to ‘hunt’ for ancient ruins. However, please refrain from moving or taking those artifacts.

Tebat Gheban

The lovely lake. via Instagram/iwan_rahady

The word tebat in the local language means ‘a lake’. This lake has somewhat a refreshing and calming atmosphere. Even though the lake itself is not too large, it has everything to look beautiful. The water perfectly reflects the blue color of the sky. There are also green trees surrounding the lake, providing a wonderful contrast. To top it off, Mount Dempo look so magnificent in the background.

Tangga Seribu

Thousands stairs in tea plantation. via Instagram/febrinamedyasari

Literally means a thousand steps (stairs), this is actually a pathway on a tea plantation. There is a path that will take you to explore the plantation. Additionally, the cool climate, the fog in the morning, and the vast green plantation provide a relaxing atmosphere in this destination. The path is also connected to several accommodations (villas and resorts).

Mount Dempo

‘Dead Forest’ on Dempo. via Instagram/endrifebrian19

Dempo is a mountain located on Pagaralam. In particular, the highest point on this mountain is at 3,173 meters above sea level. The slopes of Mount Dempo is full with many plantations such as coffee and tea. Dempo is also a rather popular mountain to climb. Most climbers can easily reach the crater. In addition, there is a small lake in the crater, providing wonderful photography challenges.

Lovely lake panorama. via Instagram/pesonasriwijaya

Pagaralam is not the most popular destinations in South Sumatra. However, this city has huge tourism potential. There are indeed many beautiful and interesting spots in Pagaralam that you must explore.

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