Selong Belanak, an Exotic Beach with Two Different Waves


Lombok Island has many beautiful beaches along its coastline. Countless white sand beaches can be found on this island that is situated to the east of Bali.

Aerial view of the beach. via instagram/goandred

One of the beaches that rarely get exposure is Selong Belanak. This Central Lombok beach is very unique because it has two different types of waves, besides of course the stunning white sand strips.

Sand to the sea

The sand extends deep into the ocean. via instagram/mumpacktravel

Selong Belanak has a long coastline with soft white sand. The interesting part about this beach is the stretch of sand extends deep into the sea, up to 15 meters from the beach. As a result, this beach is a comfortable place to swim and snorkel because it has a soft footing. The waters here are quite clear with high visibility.

Two kinds of waves

The calm beach. via Instagram/goandred

Selong Belanak has features that you cannot find on other beaches. Here you can find two types of waves that are very different. The west side beach has big waves so it is ideal for surfing. This place is not yet widely known as a surfing place like in Bali, but the challenges presented here are also no less interesting.

Surfing at Selong Belanak. via Instagram/aqinainul

Meanwhile, the beach on the other part has relatively calm waves because it is protected by its bay shape. In this bay, you can enjoy a comfortable white sand beach and can swim safely without fear of being swept away by the waves. The beach strip with calm waves will be suitable for family tourism.

Coastal exploration by boat

Fishermen’s boats. via Instagram/dutadut

The community around the coast began to use tourism activity to boost their income. They are providing coastal exploration services using traditional boats owned by local fishermen.

The tourists only pay IDR5,000 to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the boat. If you don’t have the time or are too tired to walk along this long beach, you can use this service to see all Selong Belanak’s beauty.

Location of Selong Belanak Beach

Road to the beach. via Instagram/mango.lodge

This beach is located in the village of Selong Belanak, Praya Barat District, Central Lombok Regency. This beach is about 60 km from the provincial capital, Mataram. The trip to the beach is usually a smooth ride because the road access is already very good.

But the mountainous contours before entering the beach require you have to drive carefully. Overall, you might need two hours to drive from Mataram to this beach.

Nice panorama. via Instagram/goandred

Selong Belanak Beach is a pretty hidden beach in the southern part of Lombok. The beach is also quite close to Kuta Lombok and Mandalika Resort. You can come here to enjoy the tranquility of the beach or try riding the waves with your surfboard.

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