Chasing Rainbow at Kabut Pelangi Waterfall


Lumajang is a regency in East Java with huge tourism potential. Part of Mount Bromo and Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is in this regency. Apart from that, Lumajang also has many wonderful waterfalls. One of the most popular ones is Kabut Pelangi Waterfall.

The huge waterfall. via Instagram/abrahamyusuff

Just like many other waterfalls in Lumajang, this one is pretty much an untouched destination. You can barely see any improvement or facilities in this waterfall. However, that shouldn’t stop you visiting this wonderful waterfall. Here is all you need to know about Kabut Pelangi, a lovely waterfall in Lumajang.

Location and access

The waterfall is in Lumajang. via Septian Rizky Pratama/Travelingyuk

Administratively, Kabut Pelangi is at Pronojiwo, Lumajang. It is located on the foot of Mount Semeru, the highest mountain in Java. The waterfall is actually quite accessible, only about one kilometer away from the main road that connects Lumajang and Malang. However, trekking from the main road to the actual waterfall can be a bit challenging. You have to go through hills and some rough roads to get there.

The origin of the name

There is occasionally rainbows here. via Septian Rizky Pratama/Travelingyuk

Kabut Pelangi literally means ‘rainbow mist’. The name originated from the fact that people often see rainbows in this waterfall. With the mist from the waterfall and lighting from the sun will create a rainbow. You need to come at the right time and seeing it from the right angle to see the rainbow in this huge waterfall. The volume of the water here is also big, giving it a grand sight


Many photo spots here. via Septian Rizky Pratama/Travelingyuk

Kabut Pelangi is located in a huge yet hidden niche. The waterfall is surrounded by massive cliffs, covered with moss. This creates a really wonderful panorama. You will find a lot of wonderful spots in this place to take pictures. Whether you are a professional photographer or just want to fill your Instagram feeds, this waterfall will provide you with lots of wonderful photos. Just remember that the whole area is damp and wet. You might want to protect your camera and gadget well.

Ticket and tips

The route is challenging. via Septian Rizky Pratama/Travelingyuk

The entrance fee to this waterfall is really cheap, less than a US dollar per person. However, if you come with a motorcycle or a car, you will also have to pay the parking fee, which is also cheap. Along the way from the main road to the waterfall, you will find several warungs (small food stalls). However, just in case they are closed, you should bring your own food from home.

It is really huge. via Septian Rizky Pratama/Travelingyuk

Kabut Pelangi is a wonderful place to visit in Lumajang. You need to work a bit to get there but the waterfall is really worth all the hassle.

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