Delectable West Kutai Traditional Delicacies


East Kalimantan is a large province with rich natural resources. There are many wonderful places to visit as well as delicious food in this province. This province, including West Kutai regency, is the transitional location between West and East Indonesia. There are some unique West Kutai traditional delicacies that you can try.

Roti pisang. via Instagram/dahnur_17

In this region, there are rice-based foods that are common to western Indonesia and sago-based food from East Indonesia. However, since this regency is landlocked, you will not find seafood-based dishes. Here are some of the most delicious West Kutai traditional delicacies.

Gula Gait

The sweet gula gait. via Instagram/gulagait_areta

This cake looks like a piece of wood. It is very sweet because the ingredients are palm sugar and common sugar. This is basically a caramelized sugar, achieved by heating both sugars. The cooking process takes time. Modern gula gait also has various flavors such as green tea, sesame, and peanut. This cake is very cheap and can last for up to six months.


White bobongko. via Instagram/silvana.crysdian

Bobongko is a jelly-like dish. The main ingredients are rice flour and coconut milk. The batter is made using flour, pandanus leaves, suji leaves, sugar, and salt. It is then wrapped in banana leaves with palm sugar and coconut milk. Steam it for 30 minutes and you get a delicious savory and sweet rice jelly. The coconut milk will be brown after mixing with palm sugar.

Roti Pisang

The tasty roti pisang. via Insatgram/silvana.crysdian

Literally means banana cake, this cake shares a lot of similarities with bingka. The main ingredients are mostly the same. For example, you can find flour, coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and salt. The main difference with bingka is that this cake adds banana slices in the batter before the baking process. The end result is a soft yet a bit chewy cake with the actual banana in them.


Warm drinks. via Instagram/zulfan1301

This unusual food is made from sago flour and cassava flour. At a glance, this looks very similar to rice vermicelli. Jelore is not supposed to be consumed alone. You will need a hot or warm drink. Not to accompany it, but to put the jelore into. In order to enjoy it, you have to put the snack into hot tea or milk. After soaking a while, the texture becomes softer and you can enjoy it well.

Bobongko. via Instagram/afifaturrodiyah86

West Kutai is a nice place at the heart of East Kalimantan. This regency has a lot to offer in term of tourism. One of them is their delicious West Kutai traditional delicacies .