Best Beaches You can Find in Tarakan, North Kalimantan


Tarakan is the biggest city in North Kalimantan Province. Located on a small island just to the shore of the northern part of Kalimantan, Tarakan is the center of economic and administrative activities in this province. You can also find interesting beaches in this small-ish city.

Amal Beach. via Instagram/alexdeputro

Tarakan is not a tourist city, that much is clear. However, you can still easily find a relaxing place to unwind and enjoy the nice atmosphere in this city and island. Here are some of the best beaches you can find in Tarakan, North Kalimantan.

Tanjung Batu

Tanjung Batu Beach. via Instagram/yudi_nurmana

Tanjung Batu is an exotic beach with lovely panorama. The most interesting aspect of this beach is that there are lots of colorful rocks scattered in some places. This is an ideal place to take pictures if you want to flood your Instagram page with unique photos. Exploring the beach is also enjoyable with its shallow waters, good mangrove area, and several rock formations. Tanjung Batu is located at Tanjung Pasir, Mamburungan Timur, East Tarakan.

Amal Beach

Amal Beach. via Instagram/rabiansyah13

This beach has a strong historical value since this was the entrance of the Japanese Army during World War II. Today, Amal Beach is used for seaweed farming. For locals, this beach is popular for its culinary delights. You can find many food stalls sprawling, especially during the weekends. Understandably, they offer mostly seafood. Amal Beach is located at East Tarakan District.

Binalatung Beach

Binalatung beach. via Instagram/prastiyanto

 This is probably the best destination for family recreation. You can find rather complete facilities on this beach, making your visit even more comfortable. It has a vast sand area that forms a rippling pattern during low tide. Food stalls open every day, giving you lots of choices. If you just want to relax, you can just sit at the gazebos and enjoy the sea view. Binalatung Beach is located at East Tarakan District.

Mangrove & proboscis monkey Conservation

The mangrove and proboscis monkey conservation. via Instagram/kamilkemkem

In Bahasa Indonesia, this place is called Kawasan Konservasi Mangrove dan Bekantan (KKMB). This conservation area was inaugurated in 2001, covering 22 hectares of mostly mangrove forest. You can easily explore every part of this area because there is already a web of wooden deck paths that will get you anywhere in this area. If you are lucky, you might encounter the proboscis monkey. This conservation area is at Karang Rejo, West Tarakan.

Lantamal at Tanjung Pasir

Fishing at Tanjung Pasir. via Instagram/sbsamsul18

Tarakan is one of the main bases of the Indonesian Navy (Lantamal). Incidentally, the Navy base in Tarakan is a very beautiful place. The public space in this base is a popular spot to hang out or beach fishing. Once in a while, you will see warships passing by, protecting the outer parts of the country. Tanjung Pasir also has a magnificent sunset. This beach is located at Mamburungan, East Tarakan.

Lantamal Area tarakan. via Instagram/surgaborneo

As one of the outermost city in Indonesia, Tarakan is pretty straightforward. You won’t find theme parks or the likes here, but you’ll find natural attractions, especially on the beach.