Cone Islands Heaven at Wayag, Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is a destination that needs no introduction. This place is a haven for those who love beautiful sea panorama, above the sea level or under it. One of the best places to visit is at Wayag, one of the northernmost places in Raja Ampat.

A great view at Wayag. via Instagram/

Raja Ampat is already popular worldwide for its pristine water, rich underwater life, and beautiful sea scenery. Despite the limited access to this area, tourist keeps flocking the island. That is a testament to the beauty of this place. Here is what you need to know about the beautiful cone islands in Wayag, Raja Ampat.

Location and Access

The hills. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Wayag is located on the northwestern part of Raja Ampat. To get to this island, you will have to fly Marinda Airport in Waisai. After that, you essentially have to charter a boat from Waisai to Wayag Island. Boats shouldn’t be hard to find, but the price can be a bit expensive for a solo traveler, so it is recommended for backpackers to visit Raja Ampat in a group of eight to ten people. Sharing transportation costs is a great way to keep the budget down.


White sandy beach. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Wayag Island. It can be said that this island is practically surrounded by beautiful beaches and wonderful panorama. If you want to explore the beaches here, you will have to be in your best shape because you might need to walk. The white sand beaches can be overwhelming at first but you will get used to it.

Small islands

There are lots of small islands. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

There are also a lot of small cone-shaped islands on the coast of Wayag. The panorama is similar to Pianemo, with a lot of cone islands protruding in a bay. This creates a magnificent view. The best way to enjoy this panorama is by climbing the nearby hills. But again, you will need a huge stamina to climb those hills.

Atolls and underwater life

The water is clear. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Wayag is also a haven for divers. There are many wonderful diving spots around this island. Not only vibrant coral, but you can also find a lot of fish species. Diving in this area will feel like entering a different world. Raja Ampat as a whole is one of the most beautiful areas to dive into. Wayag is no exception.

Beautiful panorama. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Wayag is a wonderful island with a lot of beautiful spots all around it. One of the most interesting spots is the cone-shaped islands which are similar to Pianemo.

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