Best Private Island Resorts in Raja Ampat


Enjoying the wonderful spectacle that is Raja Ampat definitely need a next level effort. Raja Ampat is notoriously hard to reach due to its remote location and rather bad transportation infrastructure. Thus, choosing the right accommodation is crucial for the quality of your holiday.

Biodiversity Eco Resort. via Instagram/rajaampatbiodiversity

Luckily, there are many wonderful resorts in Raja Ampat that offer complete packages of accommodation and exploration (diving and snorkeling). Some of those resorts are located in small private islands. This is quite normal because there are thousands of small islands in these regions. Here are some of the best private island resorts in Raja Ampat.

Cove Eco Resort

Cove Eco Resort. via Instagram/

This diving resort offers complete packages for a family vacation, romantic getaways and water sports activities such as diving, snorkeling, and water-rock climbing. You will find many private villas nestled on the northern shores of Yeben Island. Most of those villas are hidden under the lush green trees, almost completely hidden from the sea. The cheapest rate in this resort is at Eur1,025 per person for four nights’ stay. There are many other packages that you can choose, depending on your length of stay.

Misool Eco Resort

The hidden Misool resort. via Instagram/thatwan

This resort is built on a small uninhabited island just south of the equator. This small resort island is somewhat complete. To illustrate, you can find a soft white sandy beach, lush green small rainforest, rolling hill, and dramatic cliff. The resort is well protected because it is located in a cove. Misool area is known to be the most pristine reef system on earth. The best rate on this resort is at USD2825 for eight nights’ stay.

Doberai Eco Resort

The lovely Doberai. via Instagram/doberai_eco_resort

An official PADI Dive Resort, Doberai is actually only 25 minutes away from Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. Located on a small private island, this resort will give you an unforgettable diving and exploration experience. Since the island is surrounded by several other nearby islands, the waters are calm and safe for swimming, even for kids. The cheapest rate at Doberai Eco Resort is at USD770 for seven days’ stay.

Biodiversity Eco Resort

The Biodiversity. via Instagram/rajaampatbiodiversity

Unlike most others, this resort offers a very flexible package. If you are not interested in diving or snorkeling, you can pay only for the accommodation. And if you are indeed interested in diving, you get the option on how many dive sessions you would have per day. There is actually no minimum stay, and the cheapest rate is Eur120 per night for the standard cottage.

Cove Eco Resort. via instagram/ocean.dwellers

Choosing private island resorts usually will guarantee your stay to be enjoyable and undisturbed in Raja Ampat. These resorts also have wonderful great diving packages. And if you are like most people who come to Raja Ampat for its underwater riches, then these resorts are for you.

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