Exploring Best Spots in Waigeo, Raja Ampat


Many say that Raja Ampat is a piece of heaven that falls to the earth. This place is indeed remarkably beautiful, on land or underwater. For those who love underwater life, Raja Ampat is indeed heaven with its many islands. There are many wonderful spots in Waigeo, the biggest island in Raja Ampat.

The beautiful natural maze at Waigeo. via Instagram/timlaman

Waigeo is located to the northwest of the bird’s head part of Papua. This island is the northern part of Raja Ampat Regency, definitely one of the most visited ones. Here are some of the most beautiful spots in Waigeo that you must visit.

Hutan Pengamatan

The bird of paradise. via Instagram/timlaman

Literally means the observation forest. Waigeo, being a large island, can support great land wildlife. The most remarkable animal on this island is definitely the birds. Waigeo, just like Papua, is home to several rare and wonderful birds and other animals. You can wander to the forest and see cassowary, bird of paradise, and maleo. Locals believe that seeing maleo in the wild will bring luck to you.

Diving Spots

Beautiful underwater life. via Instagram/aix_la_kev

There are countless diving spots you can choose around this island. Depending on which part of the land you are on, the view underwater might be a little bit different. One thing is clear, Waigeo is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. The waters are still pristine and have great visibility all year round. You don’t even need to bring your own diving gear as there are many rentals on this island. As long as you have the diving license, you can easily do so in many spots in Waigeo.

Gam Island

There are lots of wonderful spots. via Instagram/dewideme

This island is the southern ‘extension’ of Waigeo. It supports wildlife-rich jungle with birds of paradise, cuscus, orchids, and bats. The island also has lots of beautiful beaches. Whichever beachfront resort you choose here, an excellent snorkeling spot is right in front of it. If you want to explore the land, there is also a coastal path between villages.

Small Islands

Small rocky islands. via Instagram/timlaman

Waigeo is surrounded by small islands, like really small ones. Many of them are just a cone-shaped island with a diameter of only a few meters. In many parts of the island, the cluster of these small islands creates a really magnificent view. Some look like a rock garden, some others look like a maze with hills and bays.

Papuan wildlife at Waigeo. via Instagram/charles808

Waigeo is a wonderful island, the biggest in Raja Ampat. The best spots in Waigeo are not only about the sea or vibrant underwater life, but also the rainforest ecosystem with many rare animals. When you get the chance to visit this wonderful island, make sure you explore them all.

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