Exploring Unique Tourism Villages in Lombok


Lombok is often dubbed as the pristine Bali, in term of natural wonders. Culturally, though, the two neighboring islands are very different. Bali is more homogenous with its Hindu culture. Lombok has several tribes and each place has unique traits. You can see them at the tourism villages in Lombok.

A woman weaving in her house in Sukarara. Suci Rahayu/Travelingyuk

Usually, tourism villages in Lombok have their own charms and products. Some are taking advantages of the beauty of their landscapes, some others rely on their tradition and creativity passed from generations to the next. Here are some of the most interesting tourism villages in Lombok.

Senaru Village

A view of Rinjani from Senaru. via Instagram/pondoksenaru

For many, Senaru is popular as the main ascent point to climb Mount Rinjani. Senaru is also rich with many wonderful panoramas all around the village. This village has many wonderful waterfalls. Situated on the northern slope of Rinjani, Senaru is also a great place to start your adventure to Mount Rinjani. Apart from that, Senaru is also a wonderful village to explore.

Sasak Sade

The traditional Sasak Sade Village. via Instagram/ibnuslhdn

This one needs no introduction. Sade Village is probably the most popular village in Lombok. This village still has the traditional houses of Sasak people, with a thatched roof and wooden pillars. You can also enjoy traditional entertainment, such as comedic and war dance. You can also enjoy the traditional music they play to welcome tourists.


Learning to be crafty with clay. via Instagram/redhafirdaus

Located on the outskirt of Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara, this is the easiest place to access among villages on this list. In addition, this village is popular for its traditional earthenware. Almost every household in the village is involved in this industry. It has been their main source of income for generations. Consequently, now Banyumulek has become the main destination for tourists who want to learn how to make crafts from clay or just buy them.


Clothes from Sukarara. via Suci Rahayu/Travelingyuk

Sometimes also called Sukarare, this village is known for its traditional textiles. This village is only 20 minutes away from Lombok International Airport. Additionally, almost all women in this village are traditionally trained to make traditional clothes using their loom. Furthermore, the clothes are called songket, with prices varies from a couple of to several hundred US dollar. There was a tradition in this village that a girl cannot marry before she can weave a songket.

A waterfall in Senaru. via Instagram/gaelleots

There are indeed lots of options you can take if you need to go to traditional villages in Lombok. Each of them has a unique selling point. Generally, they are all accessible but some are really close to the airport or a big city.

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