Enjoying Unique Satays from Lombok


Sate or satay is a popular dish in all over Indonesia. It is basically a skewered and grilled meat. Each region in Indonesia has its own takes on satay, with different meat and different sauces. Satays from Lombok are also unique with a lot of wonderful characteristics.

Sate pusut. via Instagram/resephabibah

Being the twin of Bali, Lombok also has various types of satay. However, due to the majority of people in Lombok are Muslim, most dishes in Lombok are halal ones. Satays from Lombok is no exception. Here are some of them.

Sate Pusut

The tasty sate pusut. via Instagram/nian.tunjung

This is originally a ceremonial dish that is only served during big occasions. In the past, people only eat sate pusut during big ceremonies like begibung (great feat during circumcision or wedding party). The main ingredient of sate pusut is finely ground beef with a great selection of spices. The bees are then pasted into the stick. It usually has a nice brown color with a few burn marks here and there.

Sate Bulayak

Spiccy sate bulayak. via Instagram/cin.yl

With the ingredients of chicken, beef, or innards, bulayak is a unique satay in itself. However, it becomes even more unique because it is served with a very thick coconut milk soup with strong spices. Most sate bulayak sauce is really spicy. This satay is commonly eaten with bulayak, a small rice cake with coconut leaves wrapping. It is really delicious and can still be found all over the island.

Sate Tanjung

Delicious sate tanjung. via Instagram/wonderfullombok

The name is taken from an area in North Lombok, where this dish originally came from. The main ingredient for sate Tanjung is fish meat, usually skipjack. The finely ground meat is pasted into a skewer and then grilled. It will result in golden colored satay. The spice in the satay is so strong. That is why sate Tanjung doesn’t need a sauce to make it delicious. The meat and its spices are enough already.

Sate Rembiga

The unique sate rembiga. via Instagram/missazurra

Similar to sate tanjung, this dish’s name was also from the region it came from. Rembiga is an area in the northern part of Mataram City. The main ingredient is beef. The meat is well-marinated before being skewered and grilled. It has a strong flavor, thanks to the marinating process. It is mainly spicy, sweet, and savory. The common complements for this dish are lontong (rice cake) and vegetables like plecing or urap.

Sate bulayak. via Instagram/foodierecommend

Lombok is an island rich with natural and cultural wonders. In terms of culinary, Lombok has a lot of wonderful dishes that you need to try. Satays from Lombok, for example, are really delicious.

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