Five of the Best Tourism Village near Borobudur


Borobudur Temple is a giant magnet for tourist from all over the world. This majestic ancient temple has a mystifying aura that attracts travelers to admire its magnificent feature. The huge number of the traveler in this temple brings a lot of benefit for the villages that surround this temple.

Wanurejo. via Instagram/
Wanurejo. via Instagram/panfoto21

There are many villages that take the opportunity and becoming a tourism-based community. Each village usually offers different charms than others. In other words, apart from providing basic accommodation, each village also has its own specialties. Here are some of those tourism villages around Borobudur.

Wanurejo Village

Wanurejo. via Instagram/
Wanurejo. via Instagram/kabar_mgl

Wanurejo is the most popular one, mainly due to its proximity to Borobudur. In fact, Mendut Temple that is a part of the temple compound in Borobudur is also located in this village.

There are nine hamlets in this village that have transformed into an unofficial resort compound. Those hamlets are Barepan, Bejen, Brojolan, Ngentak, Jowahan, Soropadan, Tingal Kulon, Tingal Wetan, and Gedongan.

Candirejo Village

Candirejo. via Instagram/
Candirejo. via Instagram/farradinasofiana

Candirejo is a classic village that still practices ancient traditions like Nyadran, Saparan, and Perti Desa. You can also see traditional Javanese performing arts like Wayang (shadow puppet), karawitan, and Wulangsunu dance. Not only see them, you can also learn how to play gamelan or how to dance in this village.

Majaksingi Village

Majaksingi Village. via Instagram/
Majaksingi Village. via Instagram/bunpiau86

Majaksingi is unique that it doesn’t offer traditional cultures like in many other villages. Instead, Majaksingi has a great walk and cycling trek with a sunrise view. Majaksingi offers natural view and panorama of an ancient Javanese village. You can also find craftsmen making traditional masks, carvings, and bird cages.

Tanjungsari Village

Tanjungsari Village. via Instagram/
Tanjungsari Village. via Instagram/rachmamahendradani

Located near Majaksingi, Tanjungsari offers different charm. You can see the honey production process in this village. If you need to buy honey or want to know how they produce them, you can come to Tanjungsari. Located only about three kilometers from Borobudur, you can also find artistic attractions as well as ornaments productions.

Giritengah Village

Giritengah Village. via Instagram/
Giritengah Village. via Instagram/_ti2n

Giritengah is quite popular because Pangeran Diponegoro used to fight the Dutch colonial in this village during the Java War (1825-1830). The legacy of the national hero is preserved well in Pos Mati (Death Post). It is a hill where Pangeran Diponegoro kept his ammunition.

From this hill, you can see the beautiful panorama of Mount Merbabu. Giritengah is also known as the artistic village since you can still enjoy many traditional art performances here.

Junkyard Autopark near Borobudur. via Instagram/
Junkyard Autopark near Borobudur. via Instagram/junkyard_autopark

Borobudur is still growing as a tourist destination and the government believes that they can increase the tourist visit to this area. Tourism villages near Borobudur are important as a support area for the majestic temple. These villages offer accommodation options to the tourists, especially for those who want to learn the culture.

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