Tinutuan, a Porridge that Becomes the Icon of Manado


North Sulawesi might be notorious for its extreme foods. In this province, you can find several foods that is really unusual, most people wouldn’t want to eat it. However, this province also has a delicious porridge that has conquered the nation; Manado porridge or tinutuan.

A serving of Manado porridge. via Instagram/doelbeckz

Tinutuan in local language actually means mixed together. This dish is indeed a mixture of a lot of ingredients, creating delicious food. There are many types of this porridge and you might have a different recipe from one stall to another. Here is what you need to know about Tinutuan.

Porridge from Manado

The porridge is using tofu as a side dish. via Instagram/yaku_endo

The other name for tinutuan is Manado Porridge. It is indeed a mix of many things, you can find many ingredients such as vegetables, pumpkin, rice, corn, spices, and many more in one plate. It might look a little bit messy, but it is delicious indeed. This dish originated from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi. In fact, one of the nicknames for Manado is Tinutuan City.

The Ingredients

Lovely breakfast. via Instagram/tana_poso

The main ingredient of this dish is yellow pumpkin or sambiki in local language. Additionally, there are also vegetables like spinach, water spinach, basil, gedi leaves. You can add cassava or rice to add more carbohydrate. Additionally, the most common side dish for tinutuan is salted fish, sambal roa, mashed potato, and skipjack fufu. This is a great breakfast dish.

Variants and Side Dishes

Yummy dish. via Instagram/rizye_ekel_mamusung

Every tinutuan stall has its own specialty. Even though the basic preparation and ingredients are mostly the same, but there are some details that are different. That creates a unique variation in tinutuan in Manado. It is impossible to notice the differences without trying it in the stall yourself. The side dishes are also rather different from place to place. Some use seafood, some other using meat like beef, pork, or lamb.

Where to enjoy tinutuan

A light breakfast. via Instagram/odetskitchen

In Manado, you can literally find the stalls all over the city. Even though they are a bit different, but they are still Manado porridge. Here are the stalls where you can enjoy authentic this delicious porridge in Manado.

  • Dego-dego at Wakeke, Wenang District, Manado.
  • Warung Tinutuan dan Mie Cakalang at Jl Bumi Nyiur, Manado.
  • Mie Brenebon, Malalayang, Manado.
Enjoyable dish. via Instagram/heny_ham

Tinutuan is a great light dish to start your day. It is light enough to not be too fulfilling but also contains enough nutrients for the day. Furthermore, gedi leaves are also known as a great herbal superfood.

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