Klapertart, the Delicious Remnant of the Dutch in Manado


The remnants of Dutch rule in Indonesia can still be seen in many aspects of Indonesian life. It’s not only about the old forts, monuments, buildings, or roads. Some of the Dutch cultures is absorbed into the local culture. One of the examples is klappertart or Klappertaart which often said as the traditional cake of Manado.

wonderful texture. via Instagram/krisnaenachan

Klapertart is a custard with coconut as the main ingredients. Originally only found in Manado, klapertart is available in almost all part of Indonesia now. This heavenly tasty cake is also evolving to catch up with the time. Here is all you need to know about klapertart.


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Klappertaart in Dutch means ‘coconut cake’ or ‘coconut custard’. Just like its name, this cake is made to highlights the taste of coconut in a custard texture. The recipe came with the Dutch merchants who plied their trade in Manado. The cake then localized with a bit of adaptation to suit the locals’ taste. Today, the popular name is klapertart, the simpler form of the formal Klappertaart.

Christmas Cake

It is a popular Christmas cake. via Instagram/irmadesmayanti

Klapertart became very famous due to its delicious taste. As time went by, the Christians in Manade created a tradition to bake this cake for Christmas. The wonderful taste of klapertart makes it perfect to celebrate the festive period. Consequently, you can enjoy this cake when you visit people’s house.

Made mostly of coconut

The delicious cake. via Instagram/greenklapertart

This cake aims to maximize the coconut flesh and juice taste. The custard part comes from the flour, sugar, milk, and butter. Staying true to its name, klapertart is like a sweet and soft lasagna. You can still enjoy the other ingredients taste, but the coconut one is overpowering.

Two types of klapertart

So soft it melts in your mouth. via instagram/lacakehf

There are basically two ways to make klapertart. The first one is by using bread that will result in a denser and stronger cake. You can cut this like tarts, making it an ideal cake for birthdays. The other one is the soft type. This one is somewhat juicy and will melt in your mouth. This is best when cold.

Modern klapertart

It is so soft inside. via Instagram/mamiicaca1234

Initially, all klapertart are made using similar ingredients and in the same way. However, people are getting creative and experiment more with their cake. The result is that now you can find klapertart with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and peanut. Depending on your preference, you might like the new flavors better.

delicious soft cake. via Instagram/rinakhosasi_dc

Despite being recognized as a traditional cake from Manado, it is undeniable that klapertart is originally the Dutch delicacy. Today, you can buy this cake in most big cities in Indonesia.

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