Telaga Waja River Rafting, a Fresh Adventure in East Bali


The most famous rafting location in Bali is in Ubud, more precisely on the Ayung River. Ubud is generally a more famous destination among tourists and the relatively safe condition of the Ayung River for beginners makes it a popular destination.

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However, if you want a more challenging adventure, you can try white water rafting on the Telaga Waja River. In term of difficulties, this river is a level higher compared to Ayung River with similarly stunning views. Here are some brief facts about the refreshing rafting at Telaga Waja River.


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Telaga Waja Rafting is located in Rendang Village, Karangasem. You will need about 2 hours’ drive from Kuta or Denpasar to reach this river. Your trip will be relatively comfortable with very good road conditions.

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This river is one of the longest in East Bali, and the rafting course here is roughly 14 kilometers long. With its relatively calm flow, Telaga Waja is classified as class II and III, which means it is quite challenging even though it is still safe for beginners.

Telaga Waja River

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In local languages, Telaga Waja means ‘steel lake’. This name is thought to originate from the Mount Agung lava flow which at a glance looks similar to melted steel. This name is somehow suitable considering that Telaga Waja has the most challenging rafting courses in Bali. The Telaga Waja water source comes from Mount Agung, a sacred volcano that still often erupts until today.

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The course you take during your rafting here will be very beautiful and cool. From the Main Road, you have to go down the stairs to the valley where the Telaga Waja River flows. When you are on the river, you will be treated to views of green rice fields and hills. In some spots, you will find various obstacles such as large boulder or mini waterfall that will test your navigating skills.

Telaga Waja rafting operator

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There are several operators offering rafting services in Telaga Waja. They are all professional, experienced, prioritizing safety, but still provide a pleasant experience. Alam Rafting Bali is an experienced operator with exceptional service, consideren one of the best on the island.

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Bali International Rafting is a budget option. With a cheap price you can still enjoy professional services to get a pleasant experience during rafting at Telaga Waja. This operator is managed by Club Aqua Bali.

Then there is Sobek Rafting Telaga Waja, an operator that provides rafting services on several rivers in Bali. With abundant experience, this operator will ensure you get a pleasant time navigating through the Telaga Waja River.


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Rafting at Telaga Waja is a relatively inexpensive tourist choice. Rates to enjoy white water rafting here start from 25 dollars to around 55 US dollars. With this price, you will get safety equipment such as a life jacket, helmet, and paddle.

You will also be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will give command throughout the trip. Operators also provide shuttle services at your hotel, with a small extra fee if your hotel location is far from this river.

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Telaga Waja white water rafting offers interesting and different challenges, especially if you were only enjoying the southern part of Bali before. The challenge of conquering this river will be a pleasant alternative after you see the beautiful beaches of South Bali.

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