Enjoying Sweet Cakes from Mamuju, West Sulawesi


Mamuju, West Sulawesi, is a region known for its cacao and coffee beans. You can find one of the most delicious beans in Indonesia here. There are also many delicious dishes from this area. If you are into cakes, you can find many sweet cakes from Mamuju too.

Roti Pawa. via Instagram/ardiana_dhana2

Even though the west Sulawesi was originally part of South Sulawesi, the culture and culinary have slight differences. Here are some of the tastiest sweet cakes from Mamuju, West Sulawesi.


tasty Ketu. via Instagram/nilajuna

This cake is especially abundant during the holy month of Ramadan. This is one of the favorite breakfast cake in mamuju. The main ingredient of tetu is flour, sugar, and brown sugar. Tetu is commonly steamed in a pandanus or banana leaves mold.

Bolu Paranggi

Tasty bolu. via Instagram/d3ssy_kitchen

You can easily find this cake in most traditional markets in West Sulawesi. Bolu Paranggi has an irregular shape and usually put in a small bowl. The main ingredients are flour and palm sugar. This soft cake is really a good company for an evening tea or coffee.


Uniquely shaped Paso. via Instagram/ahmad_makappa_real

This one has a really unique shape. Paso is a cake with a cone shape, wrapped in banana leaves. The main ingredients are flour, coconut milk, and palm sugar. Traditionally, paso is a brown cake with a soft texture. Unfortunately, this traditional cake is getting rarer by the day.


Roti Pawa Kampung. via Instagram/citrahendrawijaya

In other places, this will be called bakpau. It is a soft steamed cake with various fillings. However, pawa from West Sulawesi has only one filling; ground peanut and sugar. The cake is really soft with while the filling is grainy and sweeter.


Crunchy and tasty. via Instagram/si_bowpansa

This cake is made from sago and cassava. The texture is not entirely soft because. The cake has a flat shape with palm sugar syrup on top of it. People eat it by folding it so that the sweet part is in the middle. This cake is also becoming rarer.


Soft and delicious Apang. via Instagram/belangaindonesia

At a glance, this cake has an almost similar look like bolu paranggi. However, apang is usually placed in a bowl, made from pandanus leaves. The main ingredients are flour and palm sugar. Apang is commonly served with grated coconut and palm syrup.

Tetu. via Instagram/tity_bouty_tfb

West Sulawesi is a great place to visit as there are many beautiful places there. You can also find many sweet cakes from Mamuju when you visit this province. It will be a little bit of an adventure to enjoy them.

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