Exploring Suoh Exotic Spots in West Lampung


Suoh is a district in West Lampung Regency. This place is rather unknown until recently. The main reason is that Suoh was rather isolated. This district is slowly getting popular thanks to the construction of road access in the area. Exploring the area will grant you the best of Suoh exotic spots.

Keramikan. via Instagram/endangguntorocanggu

Suoh is located on the western part of Lampung, but it is a landlocked district. It has a mountainous contour and some of its areas overlap with the Bukit Barisan National Park. Now, more and more people are visiting this district. All for seeing Suoh exotic spots. Here are some of them.

Minyak Lake

The bridge at Minyak lake. via Instagram/endangguntorocanggu

Literally means ‘oil lake’ in the local language. It earned the name because the surface of the water has an oil-like layer. This lake is 15 hectares in total and located in a very relaxing area. It is surrounded by grassland and hills nearby. There is also a wooden bridge built near the lake. Apart from easing the access to some parts of the lake, this bridge also serves as a wonderful photo spot.

Lebar (Belibis) Lake

Lebar Lake. via Instagram/el_fachru

This one is a quite large lake, with a total area of 65 hectares. There is an island in the middle of Lebar Lake, aptly named Lebar Island. Everything here is still in its natural condition. Some farmers use the grassland that surrounds this lake to grow crops. The lake is still very much accessible for tourists, though. This highland lake is also surrounded by a chain of hills.

Asam Lake

Asam Lake. via Instagram/

This is the most developed lake out of three. You can, for example, rent a boat to explore the lake. Usually, a boat can have a capacity of 12 passengers. The panorama in this lake is almost similar to the other two. Asam means sour in the local language. It is called so because the water apparently is a bit sour. The boat here also serves those who want to go to the ultimate destination in Suoh; the Keramikan.

Hot Craters Keramikan

The crater. via Instagram/ inigehlampung

Everyone who goes to Suoh should go to this place. There are a lot of exotic spots you can enjoy here. There is a living silica field thats keeps getting thicker and larger. The most-visit spot is the Nirwana crater. It is an actual crater of a volcano. There is a large hot spring at the center of it all. If you want to bathe in the hot sulfuric water, you can do so in the subsequent river because the temperature in the crater is simply too hot.

Walking on Keramikan. via Instagram/alisyam_

Suoh is a place with huge tourism potential in Lampung. It has everything to become a new resort area. Suoh exotic spots cover savannah, multiple lakes with different characteristics, and an actual crater with hot springs.

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