Tegal Mas, a Resort Island near Bandar Lampung


Lampung is a province located at the southern tip of Sumatra Island. This province is actually very rich in wonderful natural beauties but many of them are not yet developed well. Tegal Mas Resort is one of the few exceptions. This resort is a great destination with wonderful facilities.

The accommodation at Tegal Mas. via Instagram/evelyntjitra

Some people say that Tegal Mas resort is the Maldives of Lampung. They exaggerate, of course, but there is no denying that this island is indeed beautiful. Here is all you need to know about Tegal Mas Island, a resort island in South Lampung.


The sign at Tegal Mas. via Instagram/sitiihajaroh23

The Tegal Island is located at Lampung Bay. It is roughly ten kilometers away from Bandar Lampung, the capital of the province. The closest mainland town is at Teluk Pandan, only one kilometer away. Since the island is located deep in the bay, it is well protected from big waves. As a result, the waters at Tegal Island is very calm. The island is also easily accessible via boat from several towns in Lampung.

Rich Marine Life

The beautiful underwater life. via Instagram/king_ruckie

One of the reasons why people compare Tegal Island with the Maldives is because of its rich underwater life. The coral reef here has a vibrant life. Furthermore, exploring the coral here doesn’t require you to use a scuba diving gear. Some of the shallow corals are great enough to explore by snorkeling. Additionally, you can interact with the fish and small critters that call those corals their home.

Interesting Accommodation

The lovely stilt house accommodation. via Instagram/asetamgf

There are indeed many cottages and villas that you can pick should you want to stay in this resort. The rates are also relatively affordable, somewhere in the region of 2.5 million rupiahs per night for a villa that can accommodate six people. That rate already includes a round trip from Sari Ringgung Beach, snorkeling gear, breakfast, and canoes. Additionally, cottages or rooms are really instagramable.


Riding a jet sky in the resort. via Instagram/fitri_salhuteru

There are a lot of activities you can do in this resort. As stated previously, you can enjoy snorkeling, diving (bring your own equipment), canoeing, jet skiing. swimming, and exploring by chartering a boat. You can also ask the resort to set a fishing trip if you want to. All basic facilities and amenities are available. You can find a praying room, toilet, restaurants, and a beautiful dock.

The resort from above. via Instagram/husni_id

Tegal Mas Resort is not a whole island resort. This is a large resort located on Tegal Island, Lampung. The location is quite strategic, meaning you can easily get there with a comfortable trip.

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