Best Snorkeling Spots in Kepulauan Seribu


Kepulauan Seribu (Seribu Islands) is the only regency in the province of Jakarta. Located to the north of the city, there are hundreds of small islands scattered on the Java Sea. Many of them have a wonderful view, rich history, and some are even very exclusive private island resorts. There are also many snorkeling spots in Kepulauan Seribu.

Somewhere in Kepulauan Seribu. via Instagram/andriendru

It is true that the marine life in this regency is still in a recovery stage. After centuries of being exploited and abused by the maritime industry in Jakarta, it slowly tries to return to its former beauty. Some spots already showing great results. Here are some of the best snorkeling spots in Kepulauan Seribu. In some cases, you can dive too.

Karang Congkak

Coral in Karang Congkak. via Instagram/kevinestevess

This spot is located near Anyer Island, one of the closest islands to mainland Jakarta. Karang congkak is an uninhabited very small island. The waters here have good visibility almost all year round. The best feature is maybe the fact that this island is rarely visited by tourists.

Pantara Island

Snorkeling at Pantara. via Instagram/pulaupantara

Located on the northern part of the islands, Pantara is one of the furthest islands from Jakarta. However, his is one of the best one to visit. In particular, there are some accommodations in Pantara that provide snorkeling and diving equipment. If you come here, you can rent it from them to enjoy the underwater life.

Panggang Island

The coral in panggang island. via Instagram/khalisdwi

With a quite dense population, Panggang Island is one of the safest and most comfortable destinations. Additionally, this island also has one of the best snorkeling spots in the whole Kepulauan Seribu. You can explore its soft coral and its coral sanctuary.

Gosong Perak Island

The exotic Gosong Perak Island. via Instagram/yunaidijoepoet

This is a white sand island which only appears during low tide. This vanishing island is small but remarkable. Needless to say, the water surrounding Gosong Perak is a great place to explore by snorkeling. Additionally, the coral here is colorful and keep growing well.

Sepa Island

This island is also a great place to dive. via Instagram/priskandini

A small island with lovely beaches and pristine rainforest, Sepa is a popular destination. Spending your time just enjoying the panorama here is worth the travel. Furthermore, if you feel like it, you can also plunge on the sea to enjoy the underwater life by snorkeling.

Semak Daun Island

The view of Semak Daun Island. via Instagram/cheestravels

Almost similar to Sepa Island, Semak Daun is also a small green island. The land is fully covered with green foliage. The true treasure is underwater, though. The coral here varies widely and you can easily enjoy them by snorkeling.

Pramuka Island

The cunderwater cave at Pramuka Island. via instagram/adriantama

This is the biggest island in Kepulauan Seribu. You can find lots of accommodation choices on this island. Furthermore, The waters around Pramuka is a protected area. It is also a designated sanctuary for sea turtles. Thus, snorkeling here will give you a chance to mingle with those animals.

Pari Island

Free Diving at Pari Island. vai Instagram/taminakareliaanwar

This island is located some 20 kilometers to the north of Java Mainland. Pari Island has one of the best locations for snorkeling. It is also surrounded by smaller islands. Pari is a relatively big island, compared to other islands in the Regency. Additionally, it has a beautiful beach and even a small mangrove forest too.

A visit to Gosong Perak. via Instagram/

Living in Jakarta can be stressful with its traffic and pollution. However, Jakarta is really close to several getaway destinations like Bogor or even their own Kepulauan Seribu. There are several wonderful snorkeling spots in Kepulauan Seribu that you can visit to unwind.

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