Unique Hut Accommodation Choices at Pulau Macan Resort, Kepulauan Seribu


Kepulauan Seribu is an archipelago to the north of Jakarta. These islands are very much accessible from North Jakarta via Marina Ancol, as there are lots of trips to many islands daily. There are many resorts that you can choose on this archipelago, one of them is Pulau Macan Resort.

Macan Island. via Instagram/pulaumacan

Located on Pulau Macan (Tiger Island in local language), this resort offers a lot of things. Macan is a small and peaceful island, guaranteed to make you feel relaxed and bliss. You can do many things in its waters, from swimming to snorkeling and diving.

Pulau Macan Resort provides amenities and facilities need to fully enjoy this island. Here are some of the room choices you can have in this resort.

Sunset Hut

Sunset Hut. via Pulaumacan.com

This is the most popular choice in this resort, which coincidentally is also the most expensive choice. The hut is large enough for a family of four people. The hut is facing west with an unobstructed view of the horizon. This makes the hit an ideal place to enjoy the sunset on Macan Island. Rate at this Sunset Hut is IDR6,326,960 per night.

Island Hut

Island Hut. via Pulaumacan.com

This hut was initially built for the resort’s partners and ambassadors. It can accommodate up to five people with quite complete facilities. There are a desk, private deck, private bathroom, and generally a great view of the surrounding sea. It has one Queen Size Bed with two/three large single day beds. The rate at Island Hut is IDR5,746,088 per night.

Coral Hut

Coral hut. via Instagram/Pulaumacan.com

This hut can accommodate up to four people with a queen size mattress and two large single beds. You can have large driftwood desk and an open-air yet private bathroom. All waters used here is treated with the super eco waste water system. This hut is not available during the weekends because it is reserved for the resort’s ambassadors. The rate at this hut is IDR4,745,220 per night.

Zen Hut

Zen Hut. via Pulaumacan.com

This is the newest addition to the Pulau Macan Eco Resort’ line up. This hut faces southwest, providing a decent view of the sunset. This hut can accommodate up to four adults. You will get a private bathroom, small working space, and a private deck that extends into the sea. The rate at Zen Hut is IDR4,309,566 per night.

Driftwood Hut

Driftwood Hut. via Pulaumacan.com

There is two driftwood you can find in this resort. They are an open-air hut with a sunset view. You will also get a private deck leading to the waters. This hut is facing southwest and can accommodate two people in a King Size bed. Shared bathroom is approximately 15 meters away from each hut. Rate at this hut is IDR2,606,960 per night.

Fun activities at Macan Island. via Instagram/jacobmaugeri

Pulau Macan Resort provides complete services for its visitors. You can even ask them to set up a shuttle service to get you to the resort. Once there you can find anything you need to enjoy this island on the resort. You can even book the room from their Jakarta office.

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