Sikidang Crater and the Legend of Deer Prince in Dieng


Dieng Plateau is one of the most beautiful places in Central Java. This place is a rather complete destination with a lot of interesting attractions. One of the most fascinating spots in this highland is the Sikidang Crater.

The crater is really hot. Via Anis Pustariya/Travelingyuk

There are a lot of interesting facts from this crater. It is shrouded in myth and legends, just like the whole Dieng Plateau. It’s not so surprising that it is the most visited spot in this Dieng. Here is all you need to know about Kawah Sikidang.


It’s very popular. Via Anis Pustariya/Travelingyuk

Administratively, this crater is located at Bakal Buntu, Dieng Kulon, Batur, Banjarnegara, Central Java. You can access it from Banjarnegara and Wonosobo Regency. The location is very much accessible and you can get there easily on a private vehicle. To get to Sikidang, you have to go to Arjuna Temple. From the temple, you can take the road that leads you to Bima Temple. The crater is located between those two temples.

The Name

People build swing near the crater. Via Anis Pustariya/Travelingyuk

Sikidang literally means the deer. Some say the crater got its name from the fact that it’s always moving. The location of the crater is indeed always moving, albeit very slowly. Another legend says that the name comes from a prince; Kidang Garungan. This prince is an odd one as he had a body of a human but his head is of a deer (kidang in Javanese).

The Hot Crater

The crater location is always moving. Via Anis Pustariya/Travelingyuk

As you might expect from a volcanic crater, Sikidang is a really hot one. Once you enter the area, you can immediately smell the sulfur in the air. The crater is so hot that many visitors bring eggs when visiting this place. They boil their eggs in the crater. However, due to safety reasons, this is no longer allowed. Only form time to time you can witness a local who boil eggs there.

Nearby Attractions

There are edelweiss seller. Via Anis Pustariya/Travelingyuk

Located in Dieng Plateau, Sikidang is surrounded by many wonderful destinations. There are several ancient temples you can visit nearby. There are also the twin lakes of Dieng; Telaga Warna and Pengilon.

For adventurers, there is also Sikunir summit with its Sembungan Village. Additionally, hiking Mount Prau is wonderful, especially if you plan to stay overnight and bringing your own tent. The sunrise from Prau is as magnificent as it can be.

The crater. Via Anis Pustariya/Travelingyuk

Dieng Plateau is a really wonderful place to visit. Sikidang Crater is one of the most popular destinations in this area. This crater is a wonderful place, shrouded in legends and myths.

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