Enjoying Nature and Culture at Dieng Culture Festival 2019


The tenth iteration of Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) is among us. This is an annual festival held in Dieng Plateau. It is actually a ‘local’ event which then grew big and has attracted attention from national and international tourists alike. Dieng Culture Festival 2019 will be a little bit different than the previous editions.

Waking up at Dieng. via Instagram/amronfikri

As an evolving festival, there are always new things you can find in this event. Furthermore, the government of Central Java has made this into their important agenda. Here is all you need to know about Dieng Culture Festival 2019.

When and where?

The camping ground. via instagram/priyandani_putra

The festival will be held from July 2nd to 4th this year. The location is in Arjuna Temple, Dieng Kulon Village, and Telaga Warna. All of those locations are still in the Dieng Plateau area. It is a nice area to organize a festival because Dieng is in its coldest right now. July and August are indeed the closest months in this highland.

Ticket of Dieng Culture Festival 2019

The Governor. via Instagram/disporaparjateng

The three-day festival is not a free event. You need to purchase a ticket, which will set you back IDR350K. Furthermore, you will get a DCF T-shirt, batik sash, a traditional bamboo hat (caping gunung), lantern, souvenir, ID card, and goody bag. You will also get free entry to several spots such as Telaga Warna, Arjuna temple Complex, and Kawah Sikidang.

Theme of Dieng Culture Festival

The events. via Instagram/festivaldieng

The theme of this year’s edition of DCF is “The Inspiration of Culture”. The three days there will be filled with Ritual Adat Pencukuran Rambut, Senandung Negeri di Atas Awan, Jazz Atas Awan, Java Coffee Festival, Sky Lantern Festival, Aksi Dieng Bersih, Sarasehan Budaya, Festival Artistik, dan Pagelaran Kesenian Tradisional Dataran Tinggi Dieng. Out of those events, Festival Artistik and Java Coffee Festival are the new ones.

Problems with the lantern festival

Lantern festival. via Instagram/agilrp94

There is one little problem concerning the lantern festival (festival lampion), though. However, the authority worries that the flying lantern would disturb the aviation and leaves a lot of plastic garbage. The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, has advised the organizer to contact AirNav, Transportation Office, and also all concerning stakeholders.

The governor enjoy singing in the festival. via Instagram/festivaldieng

Dieng Culture Festival 2019 is a great place to enjoy the Dieng Plateau while enjoying the cultural aspect of the region. However, if you haven’t bought the ticket for this year, you might have to wait till next year because the tickets are already sold out.

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