Enjoy Relaxing Picnic at Sambisari Temple


Yogyakarta is an area that has been the center of culture and power in Java for centuries. Various kingdoms come and go in this area, from the Old Mataram to the current Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

Wonderful picnic at the temple. via Instagram/abdugp

The Old Mataram Kingdom is known to have built many large monuments around Yogyakarta. Various temples such as Borobudur and Prambanan were built by the Old Mataram Kingdom. An example of one monument built by the Old Mataram the Sambisari Temple.


It’s an ancient temple. via instagram/fajarnasution

The Sambisari Temple is estimated to be built in the early 9th century, similar to the construction of Prambanan Temple, Plaosan Temple, and Sojiwan Temple. The Sambisari Temple complex consists of one main temple and three supporting temples. The temple is built in a man-made basin so that if you want to reach it, you have to climb down the stairs.

They had to excavate it. via Instagram/ahmad_saraya4

The Sambisari Temple was buried for thousands of years due to the eruption of Mount Merapi in the Eleventh Century. This temple was finally discovered accidentally in 1966 by a farmer named Karyowinangun. The Archaeological Service took more than two decades to complete the excavation and reconstruction of this Temple.

A Hindu Temple

Intricate carving at the temple. via Instagram/marcus_on_site

Sambisari Temple is a unique temple with 9th-century typical architecture. If you like history, you will be able to learn a lot because there are many statues in this temple. You can find statues of the goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, until the statue of Agastya.

Lingga Yoni. via Instagram/mbokne_segara

Lingga and Yoni were also found in this temple, which indicate that this is a place of worship for Lord Shiva. If you need more information, you can also come to the information center which somewhat also functions as a mini-museum.


Posing at the temple. via Instagram/gr4ce2004

Sambisari Temple complex is an instagenic area. It’s not just the temple complex that makes you feel relaxed here, green grass and beautifully arranged gardens will make you feel comfortable. One thing is certain, the Sambisari Temple complex is a very instagramable place.

You can find many interesting photo spots here. If you visit this temple, chances are you will see people doing a photo session, mostly prewedding photos.

Picnic and the sunset

Nice color during sunset. via Instagram/syammr

Sambisari Temple has an atmosphere that somehow makes you calm. Sitting around the temple on a green grass will make you relax. This park can be an ideal destination if you want to enjoy a picnic with family or friends.

You can bring mats and food which can then be enjoyed together in the temple area. Always remember to keep the place clean. Picnicking here is very pleasant during the afternoon, when the sun is not too hot.


This temple is located at Sleman. via Instagram/rothgar.84

Administratively, Sambisari temple is located in Sambisari Hamlet, Purwomartani Village, Kalasan District, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This beautiful place is approximately 12 kilometers away from the center of Yogyakarta City. You only need less than an hour to reach this temple. Candi Sambisari is open from 08.00 to 16.00, with an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 per person.

The grass is green during rainy season. via Instagram/agussukamoto

Sambisari Temple does look simple, especially when compared to the magnificent temples like Prambanan or Borobudur. But this temple has a long, interesting history and the charm that can make you relax.

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