Riau Fantasi, the Biggest Leisure Park in Sumatra


Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau, is one of the biggest cities in Sumatra. It is also one of the densest cities on the island. In terms of the number of inhabitants, Pekanbaru is number three. This city has a lot of interesting parks, including Riau Fantasi Park.

The view of the waterpark. via Instagram/pkucity

This park offers complete rides and fun experience for adults and children alike. Often dubbed the biggest park in Sumatra, here is all you need to know about Riau Fantasi Park.


The aerial view of the waterpark. via Instagram/papah_ashaliathar

Administratively, Riau Fantasi is located at Jl. Labersa, Simpang Tiga, Siak Hulu, Kabupaten Kampar, Riau. Even though it is standing on the Kampar land, it is really close to Pekanbaru, the capital city of Riau. This park is often mistaken as a part of the city due to its proximity. It is really close to the metropolitan area of Pekanbaru, only four kilometers away from the city center. Consequently, getting to Riau Fantasi shouldn’t be a problem at all.

A combination of two parks

The park is really large. via Instagram/andrekurnia.99

Before known as Fantasi, the park was actually divided into two parks; Labersa Theme Park and Labersa Waterpark. Labersa is just the name of the street where the parks stand. Just like the name suggests, the theme park focused mostly on land rides. Meanwhile, Labersa Waterpark is a popular water attraction. Both then merged into one park and named itself Fantasi. You can still enjoy all the previous rides, though.

The Rides

A lot of slides here. via Instagram/labersa_riaufantasi

There are a lot of fun rides that you can enjoy here. In the waterpark part, you can enjoy an adult pool, a lazy river pool, a crocodile pool with a lot of slides, an adventure pool for children, and a baby pool. Meanwhile, in the theme park, you can also enjoy a lot of fun rides. There are sky tower, kora-kora, wave blaster, speedy coaster, and many more interesting rides.


The ticket is affordable. via Instagram/labersa_riaufantasi

You can actually visit only one of the two parks. A separate ticket for waterpark and theme park will cost you IDR60K per person during weekdays and IDR70K during weekends and holidays. If you want to enjoy an unlimited ticket to both parks, you will have to pay IDR100K. There are also other rent services (locker room, tubes, and double tubes.

Party at the park. via Instagram/labersa_riaufantasi

Riau Fantasi is a fun park to visit with the family. It has everything from exciting rides in the theme park to the refreshing waterpark. Being the biggest park in Sumatra, this park is one of the pride of Riau people.

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