Best Resorts in Lease Islands, Maluku


Maluku is a lowkey a huge province, most of its area is water. Maluku is an archipelagic province with many small islands scattered from Arafura Sea to Seram Sea. One of the clusters of islands in Maluku is Lease Islands, located next to Ambon Island and Seram Island. There are several interesting resorts you can find in this area.

A villa at Cape Paperu. via

Lease Islands consists of several islands; Saparua, Molana, Haruku, and Nusa Laut. It has huge tourism potential with so many beautiful destinations. There are also wonderful diving spots you can find in these islands. Here are some of the best resorts in Lease Islands.

Putih Lessi Indah

The dreamy Putih Lessy resort. via

In this resort, the main activities revolve around the beach, the coral, and the delicious seafood dishes. You can enjoy beachfront rooms with the open sea and white sand beaches as your yard. Home-cooked meals are available three times a day. You can have the resort to set a trip for you to several wonderful snorkeling and diving spots. Rates at this resort start at IDR900K per night.

Molana Island Resort

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This is a rather interesting resort. It is located on a small Molana Island. You’ll get the vibe of a private island resort here. It is so secluded but you will be able to get anywhere easily. The resort provides a tour service that will get you to the best diving and snorkeling spots in the area. If you just want to get away from busy city life, this resort also offers a nice escape with a beautiful white sand beach and blue sea. Rates at this resort start at 850K per night.

Mahu Lodge

Mahu resort. via Instagram/mahulodge

This is a simple accommodation located in the northern part of Saparua Island. Despite its secluded location, the resort is actually really well connected with the main road on Saparua. The room here is comfortable. You can find a swimming pool, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi in this resort. The resort also provides trip service to the best diving spots nearby. The rate at this resort start at IDR450K.

Cape Paperu

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This resort was established by a couple from Swiss; Eliane and Kurt Gros. It practically offers everything you’ll ever need from a diving resort. The bungalow is spacious and the garden is beautiful. The diving equipment and operation are really well-maintained. The boat they use to get you to most spots is in very good condition. The rate here might be different according to the time of the year but Cap Paperu only accepts payments in euro.

The vew at Molana. via

Lease Islands is a wonderful area with many beautiful spots in Maluku. If you are into diving, this place can be a heaven for you with tens of exotic diving spots. Most of the resorts in Lease Islands also caters to diving activities.

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