Ambon Delicious Snacks, the Taste of Maluku


Ambon has an important role in the region because it is the capital of Maluku Province. The fact is, this city has been an important hub since long ago, since the era of the Dutch colonial. Even though the size is not that big compared to other capitals in the country, but Ambon is still a lovely city. Ambon is also rich in culinary delights

A nasi pulut unti and tea is great. via Instagram/gekchiu

The city is nicely located on a beautiful bay. For this reason, there are lots of beautiful beaches in and near this city. To enjoy such beauty, you will probably need tasty snacks and Ambon has many of them. Here are some of the delicious snacks from Ambon.

Nasi Pulut Unti

The sweet pulut unti. via Instagram/glm1858

Nasi Pulut Unti is a traditional Ambon snack, it is really tasty. This snack is perfect to be enjoyed in the afternoon while drinking warm tea or a cup of hot coffee. It is basically sticky rice with sweet grated coconut. The sweet taste comes from the palm sugar juice.

Nasi Kelapa

The savory nasi kelapa. via Instagram/nna_is

This dish tastes quite savory like nasi uduk. However, Nasi Kelapa has a distinctive taste that captures the regional specialty. They usually add savory and sometimes spicy grated coconut. Nasi Kelapa is also delicious with several side dishes like sambal, eggs, and some kind of meats.

Kue Cara

The tasty Kue Cara. via Instagram/ivada_kitchen

This cake is very unique with a beautiful appearance. It is also delicious. Cara cake can be eaten with vegetables, sometimes also with chili which will give a spicy taste. This cake is so popular in Ambon because it has a truly delicious flavor.

Pisang Asar

A serving of pisang asar. via Instagram/naftalanga

Pisang Asar is a snack that is very suitable for tea or coffee time. It is called Asar because of the cooking process, by roasting it in the oven. The basic ingredient is banana, walnut, and of course palm sugar. The thick sauce of palm sugar and walnut is doused over the sliced banana.

Pao Ambon

The Bakpao of Ambon. via Instagram/dapursinggadolo

This is Ambon’s interpretation of Bakpao, a popular Chinese snack in Indonesia. It is basically a soft cake with delicious fillings. In Ambon, Pao has grated coconut and walnut flings. They are usually sweet and savory. It is best enjoyed when warm.

Porcis Kenari

The apem of Ambon? via Instagram/dapursinggadolo

This is almost similar to apem cake from western Indonesia. Porcis is usually round and soft. It tastes mostly sweet. The dough is made from flour, coconut milk, and pandanus leaves. They are baked until the skin of the cake visibly brown.

Kue Cara. via Instagram/cicavy_cake

There are many delicious snacks that you can find in Ambon. Most of them are a traditional delicacy that which alerady existed for generations. Some other are some sort of Ambon’s effort to copy delicious snacks from several other regions. At any rate, you should try them all.

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