Rendang Fun Facts, the Most Delicious Dish in the World


It’s no secret that rendang is one of the most beloved dishes in Indonesia. This beef dish is even recognized worldwide as one, if not the, most delicious dish in the world. Taste, is of course, always subjective and anyone can disagree.

The well-cooked dish. via Instagram/mamimiakitchen

Even so, the popularity of this West Sumatran dish is somewhat overwhelming. You can find them in any city in Indonesia. Most people in the country have tried this once in their life. Here are some fun facts about rendang, the most delicious dish in the world.

Three stages of cooking

The diced meat. via Instagram/diah_bambang

Ironically, the term rendang is actually a huge misconception. It is originally not the name of the dish but the technique to create that dish. In particular, rendang is the technique that let the meat undergo three stages; gulai, kalio, and finally rendang.

Dark Brown

It’s delicious with rice. via instagram/rendangunivia

There is a certain property the dish has to have to be classified as rendang. It is initially cooked as a curry with coconut milk and lots of spices. If it stops when it’s still a soupy curry, it is called gulai. If it carries on until it has little soup, it is kalio. When all the soup is gone and the meat has become dark brown. That’s rendang.

Aristocracy dish

It’s rich in spices. via Instagram/dapurmamapipi

Rendang was initially an aristocracy dish. Only the noble and rich can enjoy such delightful food. Even they usually waited for special occasions to cook this delicacy. The reason was simple; beef was extremely expensive and rare back then. Now, after beef can be easily acquired, everyone can enjoy rendang.

From the mountains of West Sumatra

Vegetarian variant. via Instagram/birgittawang_

Rendang originated from West Sumatra, especially from the mountainous region like Pariangan and Padang. According to historians, this delicacy already existed in the 8th century. Along the way, however, it is influenced by Indian, Mediterranean, and East European dishes. They even make vegetarian variant now.

Most Balanced Food

It is very balanced, so they say. via Instagram/kampung_tengah.ind

Rendang is already popular worldwide for quite some time now. In 2012, it was chosen as the Most Balance Food in LA Travel and Adventure Show. It was one of the biggest travel exhibition in the world.

Most delicious food in the world

It is indeed very delicious. via Instagram/dapur_masakkita

CNN listed the most delicious food from around the world. Their list reaches up to 50 numbers while rendang takes the first place. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular now. Most Indonesian, not only those from West Sumatra, but all Indonesian will agree to that sentiment. Rendang is really that good.

The delisious meat. via Instagram/

Nowadays, rendang is available in most Padang restaurants in Indonesia. It is not only beef, but they also make this dish from chicken, duck, lamb, and some vegetables. All of them are delicious.

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