Ratenggaro, a Village with Hundreds of Megalithic Tombs


Sumba Island is known for its wonderful natural panorama as well as unique culture. You can find a lot of beautiful beaches, grand waterfalls, and vast grassland on this island. Additionally, Sumba still retains most of its traditional villages. You can find both of them at Ratenggaro, a village by the sea.

There are actually many traditional villages in Sumba. Most of them have a few traditional Sumba house with a tall thatched grass roof. However, Ratenggaro is especially extraordinary because it is located on the seaside. Here is all you need to know about Rotenggaro, one of the most beautiful villages in Sumba Island.

Megalithic tombs

The tombs. via Instagram/hadiemaulana

One of the characteristics of the villages in Sumba is that there is a megalithic tomb. Most of the tombs look like a big stone table. It is where the royalties and the warrior buried. There are hundreds of such tombs in this village. To be specific, there are 304 tombs in this village. Furthermore, the tombs are not just slabs of stone put together, there are carvings on there too.

Unique Houses

The houses are really unique. via Instagram/hadiemaulana

As with all traditional villages in Sumba, you can also find traditional Sumba houses (uma mbatangu). The literal translation for uma mbatangu is ‘peaky houses’. It is fairly easy to understand since the traditional houses here are made with a really tall roof in the middle. In addition, Ratenggaro’s uma are especially taller compared to other houses in other villages in Sumba.


The idyllic village of Ratenggaro. via Instagram/eryradixa

Ratenggaro is sitting nicely on the southwestern corner of Sumba Island. Administratively, the village is at Umbu Ngedo, Kodi Bangedo, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Your best option to get to this village is by using a travel agency service or drive overland. The road infrastructure to this village is already good but you need to prepare well to get there. Generally, traveling to Rotenggaro with a motorcycle is not recommended unless you are familiar with the area.

The village is really panoramic. via Instagram/fitourvoyages

Beautiful panorama

The view is remarkable. via instagram/anungadithya17

The village is located on the southern coast of Sumba. It lies in an estuary of a rather big river. The panorama here is simply breathtaking. It’s not only pleasing to the eyes but also great for your camera. Ratenggaro presents a wonderful opportunity for all photographers to take beautiful pictures. There are so many angles to capture the beauty of this village, including from the air.

Riding a beautiful horse. via Instagram/rimademensah

Ratenggaro is one of the most beautiful villages in Indonesia. This idyllic place has a postcard-like panorama that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The perfect combination of the beautiful seaside with traditional villages is indeed irresistible in Ratenggaro.

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