Exploring Most Beautiful Beaches in Sumba


Sumba Island is one of the biggest islands in East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT). This island is located on the mid-southern part of the province. In term of tourism, this island is relying on its wonderful natural beauties and rich cultural assets. Indeed, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful beaches in Sumba.

A view at Walakiri Beach. via Instagram/filippo_cesarini

Most of the beaches here are the classic tropical heaven. White sandy stretch and turquoise clear water are the common traits of the beauties. Here are some of the best beaches in Sumba if you want to start exploring the island.

Bwanna Beach

A couple at Bwanna. via Instagram/klaragressaaudrina

A magnificent beach with several points of interest, Bwanna is a really unique destination. This beach has a long and wide white sandy stretch that you can explore. At the opposite of the ocean, there are picturesque cliffs, one of them form a giant arch. This is probably the most instagramable beach in therm of uniqueness. Find your moment wisely and you will capture a really beautiful picture.

Watu Parunu

A nice view at Watu Parunu. via Instagram/gilang_boban

Another white sand beach, but this time it’s without the cliff. Watu Parunu is the very materialization of the word ‘picturesque’. If you view it from the nearby hill, you can see the sea meet the long crescent-shaped beach. In the background, there are even more green hills, creating a really wonderful panorama.

Walakiri Mangrove Beach

A mangrove beach. via Instagram/fotografer.hits

The mangrove area on this beach is really different from most of the mangrove forest in Indonesia. In the mangrove area, you can usually see tall green foliage dominating the landscape. However, in Walakiri, the mangrove is rather sparse and old. The trees are cartoon-like with crooked branches here and there. During the sunset, this beach becomes the perfect place to relax or taking pictures.

Tarimbang Beach

Enjoying Tarimbang Beach. via Instagram/nizarnizar

Even though the access to Tarimbang is a bit difficult, but there are steady numbers of tourists that come here. This beach has white sand and white cliffs with green hills surrounding it. However, the most interesting part is its nine rolls of a wave. In other words, this is a great surfing beach. Even if you are not a surfing enthusiast, you can still enjoy this pristine beach.

Mananga Aba

A sunset at Mananga Aba. via Instagram/chris13jkt

Located on the north coast of Sumba, Mananga Aba is also often called Kita Beach. The characteristic is similar to many other beaches on this island. It has a beautiful white sandy beach. The water is really calm, making it ideal for swimming. The sand is so soft and somewhat stoneless. Just enjoying the panorama on the beach can be refreshing.

Golden hour at Bwanna Beach. via Instagram/chris13jkt

Sumba is a great place to explore as it has a lot of beautiful spots. The beaches in Sumba are simply amazing, with picturesque panorama and wonderful sand.

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