Bayt Alquran Al-Akbar, the Biggest Quran Museum Around


Most of the mushaf (the copy of the Quran) is physically just a rather thick book. Normally, you can still bring it anywhere you go. Sometimes, though, you can find some exceptions. One of such exceptions can be found at Giant Quran Museum in Palembang.

The biggest book ever? via Instagram/z0e4kbar

This is a museum where the Quran is made from unusual stuff. In fact, almost everything is unusual in this museum. This is where you can literally enter the holy book and somewhat be part of it physically. Let’s head to the museum directly.


The biggest Quran in the World. via Instagram/zahrajuwita

The official name of this Giant Quran Museum is Bayt Alquran Al Akbar. You can find this peculiar house in Pesantren Al Ihsaniyah, Gandus, Palembang. Pesantren is an Islamic boarding school with dormitories where all students live there. So don’t be surprised that once you enter the area, you can immediately sense the religious atmosphere here.

Two billion worth of woods

the leaf looks like a rotating window. via Instagram/rickyperdana06

As the name suggests, this house is a museum of the biggest Quran in the world. Every leaf of the book is carved into a rotating window. Each leaf is 177 cm long, 140 cm wide and 2.5 cm thick. The artist behind this magnificent artwork is Sofwatillah Mohzaib. He only used Tembesu woods for this project. To complete all of this work, he needed 40 cubic meters of wood worth more than two billion rupiahs!

World Record

The biggest Quran. via Instagram/

The construction of this Quran museum shattered any previous size record. This one instantaneously becomes the biggest mushaf in the world, and that has been recorded in Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). To give you a perception of how big this place is, it takes three stories to store all of the window leaves. It stands 15 meters tall and eight meters wide.

 Religious Tourism

It’s a popular destination. via Instagram/jibenkhidayat

This unusual Quran takes no time to attract visitors. Muslims from many countries takes their time to come here and admire the holy book cum house.

This place becomes even more popular during the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims try their best to get closer to their God. Reading the Quran here is impractical, but the sense that you can go inside the holy book is something that has never been explored before.

Entering the book. via instagram/trtarabi

Since the Quran is a sacred book that needs special treatment, you need to be clean to enter this museum. Additionally, you must wear the proper clothing so because you are entering a sacred place.

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