Enjoying the Authentic Pecel Tumpang in Kediri


Pecel is a dish of East Java. This traditional dish is usually eaten for breakfast. However, pecel in itself is not really fulfilling so people usually eat it with rice and call it Nasi Pecel. To summarize, pecel is a dish containing vegetables (some cooked, some raw), fried tempe, rempeyek (peanut brittle), and peanut sauce. One of the most popular variant is pecel tumpang from Kediri.

Pecel Tumpang with various side dishes. via Instagram/syndrunomy

Tumpang in Javanese does mean ‘on top of’. It means that they will put the rice first, and then put the vegetable on top of it. After that, they will pour the peanut sauce on top of the vegetables. It’s delicious, especially the original ones. Here are some of the best pecel tumpang stalls in Kediri.

Bu Beny

The delicious pecel Bu Beny. via Instagram/richo.a.saputra

Today, it has a permanent stall. However, Bu Beny was selling the food on a cart. Established in 2002, this stall getting more and more popular due to its delicious peanut sauce and affordable price. Bu Beny also offers various side dishes. You can choose some delicious dishes such as fried chicken, fish, bakwan, and fried mashed potato.

Bu Darmo

Tasty with many side dish. via Instagram/zoe_harmini

Bu Darmo offers sambal tumpang combined with cooked vegetables. The stall is at Banjaran Street, Kediri.Bu Darmo stall has been established for more than 20 years. Even though there are more and more competitions, Bu Darmo is still very popular. In this simple stall, you can enjoy a delicious pecel for breakfast. Bu Darmo is known to make a very spicy sauce with the just right amount of savory taste.


The many side dish options at Pudakit. via Instagram/vincentius_win.win

Jl. Dhoho in Kediri is the center of souvenir shops. However, this street is also popular due to a pecel tumpang stall. Unlike many other pecel stalls, Pudakit opens at 15.00. It is still using the traditional method, even the presentation is still using banana leaves. Moreover, the tempeh in the chili sauce is very delicious. The downside of the popularity of this stall is that you might have to wait in line to get the dish. However, this dish is just too delicious, it will prove to be worth the wait

Bu Sholeh

Egg and perkedel as side dish. via Instagram/ravewasq

This stall is located near Kediri Grand Train Station. This stall provides delectable pecel with delicious peanut sauce. In addition, to peanut brittle, there are also other side dishes such as fried chicken, eggs, gizzards, and livers. Needless to say, the taste is undoubtedly delicious.

Pecel Bu Darmo Banjaran. via Instagram/imel.clf.dev

If you happen to visit Kediri, make sure you can enjoy the delicious pecel tumpang. There are several legendary stalls that you can visit to experience the authentic taste of this dish.

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