The Hidden Underwater Gem at Pamol, Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is a wonderful Regency, located on the northwest end of West Papua Province. The beauty of this area is already known throughout the world. Raja Ampat is famous for its wonderful islands, pristine diving spots, and overall the beautiful landscape. One of the beautiful spots in Raja Ampat is Pamol.

Unique coral. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Located near Pianemo, Pamol has wonderful underwater scenery. Even the overall panorama is not as wonderful as Pianemo, it still is a great place to visit, especially if you come to dive. Here is all you need to know about Pamol.


Pamol is located near Piaynemo. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Pamol is just a spot in the Pianemo, Penem Island. The official address is at Groot Fam, Saukabu, Raja Ampat Islands, West Waigeo, West Papua. The exact area is near the gate of Pianemo. Right at the gate, you turn left. If you are with a tour group, ask for the guide or tour leader before you go to Pamol. Getting lost in this area can be a big problem, so make sure you let your position known by your group or guide.


Snorkeling is a good choice here. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

The first thing you can do here is enjoying the panorama of the sea. However, if you feel you need to dip into the water, it’s better that you bring your snorkeling gear. Swimming is nice, but to enjoy the underwater beauty, you need to bring at least your goggle. With clear and calm water, this place is really a great destination for snorkeling.


You can explore underwater. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

If you are serious about exploring underwater, you probably need a more serious gear too. Bring your diving equipment here and you will enter the hidden world of colorful beauties. The coral garden here is remarkable. Still, in a pristine condition, you can explore more if you have the diving equipment. Snorkeling is great and you can enjoy a lot already, but diving will give a different dimension to your experience.

Cliff Slope

Reef slope. via Muhammad Saadduddin Tenripada/Travelingyuk

Just as the name suggests, this is a reef slope that creates an underwater cliff. The cliff goes as deep as 20 meters. The cliff is fully covered in colorful reefs. Small creatures are also abundant here. Exploration and underwater photography is a great choice on this slope.

Panorama of raja Ampat. via instagram/victoria_vodar

Pamol is not the most well-known spot in Raja Ampat. It is in the shadow of its popular neighbor; Pianemo. However, Pamol can be the perfect place to visit if you are at Pianemo and has the urge to snorkel or dive.

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