Enjoying the Exotic Palu Culinary Delights


Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi is one of the most important cities in Sulawesi. Palu made the headline sometimes ago because of the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that destroyed the city. However, Palu is still a great place to visit because it offers lots to tourists. One of the reasons you should come is Palu culinary delights.

Kaledo. via Instagram/kuliner.cies

Some dishes from Palu might not be as popular as the neighboring province; South Sulawesi. However, the food here is no less delicious and have distinct characteristics. Here are some of the best Palu culinary delights that you must try.


Delectable snack. via Instagram/numpangsaveresep.id

Lalampa is a typical snack from Palu. At a glance, it looks like lemper from Java. However, the filling of this food differentiates it from lemper. Lalampa uses ground skipjack as the sole filling. Also, lalampa is grilled instead of steamed.

Duo Sale

Spicy sauce. via Instagram/kita_suka_makan

Due Sale is made from mostly dried anchovy. It is then cooked with red chili pepper, shallots, and tomatoes. It tastes sweet and spicy. Duo Sale is indeed a side dish, a complimentary for rice and fish.


The soup fish. via Instagram/emiliana_ermin

Palumara is a fish soup with a distinctive spicy and sour taste. Cooked with only local and fresh sea fish on the Sulawesi Sea, this dish call for rice or rice cake for the maximum deliciousness.

Uta kelo

Kelor vegetable. via Instagram/dayasundari

Uta kelo is basically kelor leaf dish. This is unique because kelor leaves are not a common food ingredient. Only a handful of regions in Indonesia use these unique leaves.  Uta kelo is typically soupy with a lot of spices in it.

Milu Siram

The delicious soup. via Instagram/vy_viya

Milu siram, also known as Binte Biluhuta, is a corn soup with fish and shrimp. It has a distinctive Palu taste, which is sweet, spicy, and salty.  Despite the seafood ingredient, the cooking technique used in making this dish can minimize the effect of cholesterol.

Labia Dange

Sweet snack. via Instagram/dv.nunik

Labia dange or sagu dange is a snack from Palu. The main ingredient of this snack is sago flour, sago cooked using a skillet and clay furnace. Usually, Labia dange is eaten with brown sugar sauce or with fish. On its own, though, this food is savory and has crunchy texture.


Tasty kaledo. via Instagram/simply_culinary

If you love beef, you’re going to like kaledo. This dish is a type of beef soup made from cow’s legs. Furthermore, it is prepared with special spices that make the broth from very tasty. You’re going to need rice to accompany kaledo.

Milu Siram. via Instagram/liataha87

Palu is indeed rich in culinary delights. There are many dishes and snacks that you can enjoy in this city. So if you visit Central Sulawesi, take your time to enjoy Palu culinary delights.

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