Voyaging Deep into Bali’s Underwater with Odyssey Submarine


Have you ever wondered how it feels to be in an actual submarine? Well, if you are in Bali, you can stop wondering and get into a real submarine. This is not a military submarine, mind you, but a tourism one. It is called Odyssey Submarine Bali.

This unique ride will get you into the depth of Bali waters. You can admire the beauty of the marine life there from the comfort of this modern submarine. Here is what you need to know about the Odyssey Submarine.

The Submarine

Descending into the deep. via Instagram/odysubbali

Odyssey is a modern submarine. With the spirit of conservationism, this ship is powered by a battery instead of oil, thus reducing the risk of endangering the sea and its biota. There are only two of this ship in the world. Apart from this one in Bali, there is another one operating in Maui. This 72-ton ship has the carrying capacity of 3.5 ton. That is why every passenger has to be weighed. All for safety.


Watching underwater life. via Instagram/odysubbali

The exact exploration location of Odyssey is at Labuhan Amuk Beach Karangasem. It is located just to the north of Padang Bai Port. That means that it is the eastern coast of Bali. This beach is roughly 90 minutes away from Denpasar. The management can provide you with picking up service but you will be picked two and a half hour prior to the dive.

Inside the submarine

The interior of Odyssey. via Instagram/odysubbali

Apart from being weighed, you will also share the submarine with 35 other people. Each diving session commonly lasts for 45 minutes, so make sure you are physically prepared. There is no toilet in this submarine. Obviously, you cannot smoke in there. You are supposed to sit on the bench facing outward through the glass window. You can see underwater life clearly from there.

Price and amenities

Lunch after the dive. via Instagram/odysubbali

The price is quite straightforward. 0-5 year old will have to pay IDR110K, children from 5-12 IDR450K, and 12 and up is 650K per person. That price includes transportation, welcome drink, submarine diving session, lunch, certificate, and insurance. There are usually four dives each day, typically start at 10.30 and will repeat each hour. You can plan your voyage according to your schedule well.

The submarine. via Instagram/odysubbali

Exploring the underwater in a real submarine can leave an everlasting impression. With Odyssey Submarine, you can venture way deeper and explore more than when you do it with scuba diving. You don’t even need to worry about transportation because they will provide it for you.

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