Best Resorts Under 2000K in Bunaken, the Diving Heaven in North Sulawesi


Located just to the north of Sulawesi Island, Bunaken National Park is divided into northern and southern parts. This national park covers several unique islands. The actual gem is underwater, though, as this marine park has 70 genera of coral reefs, at least 91 species of coral fish. There are many accommodations to choose from, most of them are dive resorts in Bunaken.

Snorkeling at Bunaken. vai Instagram/tourbunaken

The tourism activities in this area does centers around diving activities, so it only makes sense that the resorts try to accommodate divers. Here are some of the best resorts under IDR2000K in Bunaken.

Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort

A cafe at Bunaken Cha Cha. via Instagram/anmitsu1128

This is not a big resort, only able to accommodate 20 people at a time. However, you will have a peaceful stay because the resort is located in a secluded area, on the eastern side of Bunaken Island.

This resort also has a private beach area, which is nice. furthermore, apart from underwater exploration, guests can also enjoy a relaxing spa or body massage. Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort is located at Buro Beach, Tanjung Parigi, Bunaken. Rates at this resort start at IDR1,767,000 per night.

Onong Resort

Onong Resort. via Instagram/cassy_hu

This resort is located on Siladen Island, the small yet beautiful island in the Bunaken National Park. This resort offers comfortable beachfront accommodation, with many amenities such as restaurants and bar. Not only offering diving service, but Onong Resort will also help you arrange a dolphin tour upon your request. Rates at this resort start at IDR1,300,000 per night.

The Village Bunaken Resort

The Village Bunaken. via Instagram/adamarston

This is one of the most popular resorts in Bunaken Island. In this place, you can have a buffet breakfast every morning and Wi-Fi is free. This beachfront property has a private beach area, with some rooms has direct sea view.

All rooms come with a terrace, a private bathroom with a shower. Needless to say, this resort also caters to your diving needs. The Village Bunaken is located at Pantai Pangalisang, Pulau Bunaken. Rates at The Village Bunaken starts at IDR1,530,000 per night.

Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort

Bastianos Bunaken. vai Instagram/bastianosbunaken

This is a PADI dive resort, located on the west side of Bunaken Island. Since this resort has a private beach, it also has a direct access to the best diving spots in Bunaken. The accommodation here is mostly wooden rooms with western style bathroom and hot water. In brief, everything you need as a diver, you can have it all in this resort. Bastianos is located at Liang Beach, Bunaken Island. Rates at this resort start from IDR1,861,388.

Froggies Divers Bunaken

Froggies Resort. via Instagram/jamesclaus

What’s so special about this resort is that every unit (room) has a balcony and seating area. The rooms also come with a private bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. The rooms are comfortable because each one of them has an air conditioner.

Additionally, guests can have a buffet breakfast every morning. Froggies Divers Bunaken is at Pantai Liang, Tanjung Parigi Lingkungan 6, Bunaken. Rates for two at this property start at IDR1,395,790 per night.

Bunaken National park. via Instagram/

There are many choices of good dive resorts that you can choose in Bunaken. Most of the resorts in Bunaken are developed to provide the best diving experience in one of the most beautiful underwater parks in the world.

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