Overland Mudik and Balik Tips during Lebaran Holiday


Lebaran, a yearly huge festivities in Indonesia is a time for all-out celebration. This is the time when everything goes hectic as everyone is busy doing preparations for their own annual routines, including doing mudik and balik trips. Here are some overland mudik and balik tips during Lebaran holiday. Spoiler alert; you have to prepare very well.

The infamous traffic jam. via Shutterstock/Arya Manggala

People who choose to mudik overland on private vehicles have to endure a lot of hardships. Not only when they go to their hometown, but when they also eventually have to return to their current house. Essentially, those who go mudik has to brave the road twice. Here are some mudik and balik tips before you do so.

Prepare yourself and your vehicle

Aerial view of Indonesian Muslims returning home to celebrate Eid (Mudik) of heavy traffic on the Highway on the Kali Kuto Bridge. via Shutterstock/Arya Manggala

If you are going to drive or ride to your hometown, you need to be healthy. You will have to focus behind the wheel for hours a day, knowing that a little lapse of concentration can be dangerous. So, you and anyone who drives need to be healthy. It’s not only you, though. Your vehicle also needs to be in the best condition to get you to hometown. It’s not only the physical attribute of your machine, but you also need to make sure the registration are in order.

Pack your stuff

Muslim couple put stuff in suitcase. concept of man and woman travelling for eid mubarak celebration. via Shutterstock/Odua Images

Just like when you are about to travel anywhere, you need to only pack the necessary. Don’t bring anything that you might not need during your mudik and balik. When traveling far, luggage room is invaluable so you need to make sure you don’t waste any space for unneeded items. You also need to pack your stuff days before the actual trip so your trip schedule won’t be hindered by sloppy packing effort.

ip so your trip schedule won’t be hindered by sloppy packing effort.

Make sure important items are reachable

Asian family get ready to holiday celebration vacation. bringing suitcase to trunk of the car balik kampung concept. via Shutterstock/Odua Images

There are many small yet essential items that you are going to need during your trip. Make sure all of them are easy to reach. Items like gadgets, the chargers, wallet, toiletries, or drinking water are absolutely important for you. Make sure you can easily get them anytime you need it. Many people make mistake by packing them with the other stuff so they have to unpack a whole bag or suitcase just to find a phone charger.

Bring enough cash

Prepare enough cash. via Instagram/emomo.shop

There will be many surprise expenditure during your trip, especially if your trip is long. One thing you must remember is that there are many stores and markets that are not yet ready for cashless payments. Just to be safe, you need to prepare a lot of cash in case you ever need to do emergency shopping. You might also have difficulties finding ATM machines during the trip. Thus, preparing enough cash is absolutely necessary.

Plan your stop and rests

Rest area at the side of the road. via Instagram/bay_electric

For long distance trips, you need to plan your stops and rest. Even when you are driving alternately with another family member, you still need to stop to rest. It doesn’t have to be in a hotel as there are many rest areas along the usual mudik and route. You can learn about their locations prior to your trip so you can plan where you are going to rest. It is imperative that you stop when you are too tired or sleepy. Not only for you and your family’s safety, but also for other motorists.

Go in groups

It is safer to go in groups. via Shutterstock/Arya Manggala

If it is possible at all, go mudik and balik with a group. During Ramadan, people who are going to mudik usually turn to forums and communities to form a group. For example, those who are going mudik from Jakarta to Yogyakarta are planning a group mudik. In short, they plan to go together so that they can help each other whenever in need on the street. This is safer and usually more coordinated trip than going alone.

The contrasting traffic. via Shutterstock/Arya Manggala

Mudik and balik trip can be very challenging. There are some overland mudik and balik tips during the Lebaran holiday that you can use before you go. Eventually, it boils down to have a safe and comfortable trip to and from your hometown.

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