Merese Hill, a Small Peninsula Overlooking Wonderful Beaches


Merese Hill, also called Merisik Hill by locals, is a small peninsula/headland located on the southern coast of Lombok Island. In term of tourism, Merese Hill is situated in a strategic place as it overlooks several beautiful beaches in South Lombok.

Merese Hill. via Instagram/dhaniii_3

This hill is part of the intensively developed Mandalika Area. It is impossible not to admire the view in any part of the hill here as wherever you cast your sight, you will only find a wonderful view. Here are some facts you need to know about Merese Hill.

Location and Topography

The Hill from above. via Instagram/lombokadventurescz

Merese Hill is located in the southern shore of Lombok, in a similar area with Tanjung Aan Beach. It is roughly 60 kilometers away from Mataram. You will need two hours’ drive from Mataram to reach this area. Most of the road you take is very good, you will find no problem regardless of your vehicular choice. Merese is a hilly headland expanding almost one kilometer into the sea.

The panoramic headland. via Instagram/balidreamvisual

Since it is higher than any other land nearby, it has many spots that are ideal for vantage points. This hill is best explored in the afternoon to avoid the scorching heat. The climb is relatively easy with wonderful panorama all the way. The first viewpoint is only 10 minutes’ walk from the parking area, and if you want to venture further on the headland, you will need another 20 minutes.

Barren and Anxious

There was one tree on this hill. Was. via Instagram/ayuk1510

Locals call this hill as Merisik, meaning bald or barren. The hill is indeed barren and there is no tree whatsoever on it. There was only a single tree on the entire hill, people call it Pohon Galau (Anxious Tree) because it is all alone and has no friend nearby. The tree is dead now. The hill is covered in short grass and rocky outcrop here and there.

Wonderful View

Posing on the hill. via Instagram/angelinavictoriaa

From atop the hill, you can have an unobstructed view of the area. If you look east, you will find the entire beautiful Tanjung Aan Bay, with its wonderful beach. To the west, you will find Serenting beach, Elizabeth beach and its several small rocky islands.

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunset from the hill. via Instagram/frudiaa_

The most awaited moments on this hill are the sunrise and the sunset. Both are equally wonderful here. You can see the sky turns reddish, as if there is an inferno down on the far horizon. The sunrise is mesmerizing as well, as the purple sky precedes the dawn. The sea, too, turns into a purple spectacle.

You might see cows grazing indifferently. via Instagram/barli8js

Merese Hill is a big place, so you better bring your drink because you will need it up there. There is a fat chance that you will see cows and buffaloes grazing in this hill. Since the hill is best enjoyed in the afternoon, you can explore nearby beaches before climbing Merese.

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