Exploring the Wonderful Mawun Beach, Lombok


The Indonesian government is currently making intensive efforts to develop tourism in Lombok. One of the biggest projects that are currently being undertaken is the Mandalika on the south coast of Lombok Island.

A rather quiet beach. via Instagram/your_passage

But that does not mean you can only find beauty in Mandalika. Even around the location of this project, you can still find beautiful beaches. One of them is Mawun beach which is located to the west of Kuta, Mandalika.

Location of Mawun Beach

A lovely beach. via Instagram/mazayagalva

Mawun Beach is about 60 km away from the city of Mataram. If you visit this beach by driving a private vehicle, you might be able to reach it in about one and a half hours’ drive from Mataram. There are two routes you can choose; west and east routes.

The horseshoe shaped beach. via Instagram/fachreeizzy

If you choose the west route, you will pass Cakranegara, Kediri, Penujak, and Selong Belanak. By choosing this route, you must be prepared because the road condition in the last 9 kilometers is bad. You can also choose the eastern route which will take you through Cakranegara, Kediri, Praya, Batu Nyale, Rambitan, and Kuta.

Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach from above. via instagram/zanzibalibok

Mawun Beach is in a bay with two hills on each side. This beach is shaped like a horseshoe with different water depths and wave strength. Under the hills on each side of this beach, the waters are relatively calm and quite shallow. Meanwhile, in the center, the waters are quite deep with rather strong waves.

Enjoying the water. via Instagram/takeofftogether

If you come with your family and want to enjoy playing in the water, you should choose to play around the hill. Apart from the shallow water, this location is also protected from large waves so that it is relatively safe for children.

Hill exploration

There are several hills nearby. via Instagram/zanzibalibok

If you are an adventurous person, then you can climb the hill on both sides of the Mawun beach. There are no easy tracks to reach the top, but therein lies the adventure. If you manage to get to the summit, the prize you receive is an amazing, unobstructed view. The panorama from the top of the hill is really beautiful because you can see the Indian Ocean, other surrounding beaches, and hills behind Mawun Beach.


Prepare well. via Instagram/twobuletravel

If you come to just enjoy the beauty of the beach, Mawun Beach will deliver. A stretch of soft white sand combined with a beautiful view of the hill makes Mawun Beach a pleasant relaxing location. Even more, this beach is not too popular yet with tourists so you don’t have to worry about the beach being overcrowded.

Mawun Beach. via Instagram/tengakarta

There are not many accommodations that you can find around Mawun Beach. It means that you have to bring your own food and drink if you want to come here. If you come with a private vehicle, make sure your vehicle is in good condition with sufficient fuel because the condition of some roads is not really good.

Mawun Beach is one of the many undeveloped beaches in Lombok. You will need an extra effort to get to this relatively pristine beach. The scenery during the trip to the beach is also very beautiful, but you have to prepare well because there are not many accommodations that you can find here.

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