Manusela National Park, a Complete Destination in Seram


The northern part of Seram Island is a wonderful region with various beautiful spots. The best part of it all is probably covered in Manusela National Park. This park covers the various landscape, from mountains to the sea. Each and every spot are beautiful with their own charms.

Wonderful cliff. via Instagram/kvntli

Furthermore, Manusela National Park actually covers twenty percent of Seram Island. Exploring this park would be a great adventure for those who love nature. From the peak of a mountain to the depths of the ocean, Manusela has it all. Here are some of them.

Mount Binaiya

Climbing the mountain. via Instagram/oktaor22

This is, plain and simple, the highest mountain in Maluku. This mountain is climbable, provided you have what it takes to go up there. At 3,027 meters above sea level, conquering Binaiya can be a great achievement for anyone. Among hikers, Binaiya is also one of the favorites. It is one of the seven summits of Indonesia.

Sawai Cliffs

Lovely cliffs. via Instagram/ignatiussantoso

Sawai is a coastal area of the north Seram Island. This coast is popular for its cliffs. Instead of white sandy beaches, Sawai offers magnificent cliffs with green hills. The color clash in the area will make you want to stay there forever. The turquoise water, the grey cliffs, and the green hills are simply irresistible view. Furthermore, you can also swim and snorkel because the waters are crystal clear and calm.

Ora Beach

A resort in Ora Beach. via Instagram/astrialie

This place needs no introduction. Ora is the most popular resort area in Seram. This area has a wonderful white sandy beach, picturesque mountain views, and tempting waters. You can do almost anything on this beach. The best part is that there are already a lot of nice resorts, so accommodation wouldn’t be an issue.

Rich Underwater Life

This park has wonderful marine life. via Instagram/_rriani_

Since Manusela National Park is a protected area, most of its natural ecosystem are also protected. This makes the waters on the park becomes a sanctuary for the sea creatures. Exploring underwater life here, either via snorkeling or diving, is really enjoyable. Even if you don’t bring your own equipment, you can rent them in some of the resorts nearby. Just remember to have an experienced guide if you decide to scuba dive into the sea.

Resort at Ora. via Instagram/michaelmenason

Manusela National Park is a rich area, it at least has seven types of vegetation. In detail, they are mangrove, beach, riverbank, lowland swamp, lowland rainforest, the mountain rainforest, and alpine forest. This park is a complete destination for everyone with the soul of an adventurer.

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