Beachfront Resorts in Ora Beach under 600K


Ora Beach is a resort area on the northern coast of Seram Island, Maluku. This area is so beautiful, almost typical of Eastern Indonesia and their pristine seas. You can expect the classical tropical heaven on this beach. White sandy beach, clean and crystal clear water, and rich underwater life. The best things are that there are many beachfront resorts in Ora Beach to choose from.

Ora Sunrise View. via Instagram/orasunriseview

Some resorts and cottages in Ora are traditional ones where they are still on land. Some cottages are on stilts and literally on top of a beach. Here are some beachfront resorts in Ora Beach under IDR600K.

Kaka Tua Guesthouse

The calm Kaka Tua Guesthouse. via

When you are visiting Ora Beach, you want to get as close as possible to the beautiful sea. You can do just that at Kaka Tua Guesthouse. That is because you will live in a cottage on the sea. Consequently, you will have a room with sea views, a terrace, and a shared bathroom. Rates at this resort start at IDR400K per night. Finally, the address is at Saleman Western North Seram, Maluku.

Singkey Water Cottage

The lovely Singkey Water Cottage. via Facebook/Ulmi Fazria

Apart from cottages on the stilts, you can also find decks with panoramic view and a garden in this resort. Each room in this resort features a private bathroom and a desk. Some units have a balcony and a wonderful sea view. This resort also has a 24-hour front desk office and room service. Rates at this resort start at IDR575K per night. Lastly, the address is at Saleman, Western North Seram District, Seleman Maluku.

Pasir Putih Guesthouse

The lovely Pasir Putih Guesthouse. via Instagram/pasir_putih_guest_house

This one is almost similar to other resorts in this area. You will be living in a cabin on top of a beach area. Each guestroom in this resort has a balcony, a terrace, a seating area, and a shared bathroom. You can also enjoy a 24-hour front desk office. Rates at Pasir Putih Guesthouse start at IDR500K. Finally, the address of the property is at Saleman Village, Western North Seram District, Central Maluku.

Ora Sunrise View

Swimming near Ora Sunrise View. via Instagram/pasir_putih_guest_house

This resort has a shared lounge and a private beach area. Since the resort is located on the coast with wonderful sea view, each guestroom is equipped with a balcony. In addition, bike and rental service are available. The waters near the resort are popular for snorkeling and diving. Rates at this property start at IDR533K per night. Lastly, this resort is at Saleman Village, Kaloa, Western North Seram District, Central Maluku.

Pasir Putih Guesthouse. via Instagram/pasir_putih_guest_house

Enjoying Ora Beach on the northern coast of Seram Island is quite easy. The place is tranquil and the sea is just wonderful. The best part is that there are many affordable beachfront resorts in Ora Beach that you can pick.

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