Legendary Stalls to Enjoy Lumpia, Semarang’s Favorite Snack


Semarang is known to be a multicultural city with a lot of influences. This city has become a melting pot as a result of centuries-old interaction between many cultures; Javanese, Chinese, European, Arabic, and several others.

Lumpia Semarang. via Instagram/gitoeste

One of the best examples of such rich background is lunpia (also called lumpia). It is a spring roll, originally from China. The common fillings are made of bamboo shoot, but you can also find minced meat, leeks, green been lumpia. Today, lumpia has become the culinary icon of Semarang. To get the best original taste of this delicacy, you can come to these places.

Lunpia Gang Lombok

Lunpia Gag Lombok. via Instagram/lina_yunik

This is the oldest lumpia stall in Semarang. Today, this stall is managed by the third generation of the owners. They are one of the few legendary places to get the authentic taste of Lunpia in Semarang, some people even visit this city specifically to buy lunpia here. The address is at Jalan Gang Lombok no. 11 Semarang, near Pasar Johar and Tay Kak Sie Shrine. A lumpia costs IDR12000 here.

Lunpia Mbak Lien

Lunpia Mbak Lien. via Instagram/windadapurjojo

You can have two different fillings in this place. The first option is bamboo shoot with egg, chicken, and shrimp. The other option is only using bamboo shoot and chicken and shrimp. Just like in any other legendary lumpia stall, you can have dried (fried) or wet (unfried) lumpia. The price is about IDR11000 to 13000. The address of Lunpia Mbak Lien is at Jalan Pemuda Gang Grajen No 1 Bangunharjo.

Lumpia Cik Me Me

Lumpia Cik Me Me. via Instagram/foodrazzi

Also known as Lumpia Delight, this is one of the most popular lumpia makers in Semarang. Many people buy lumpia from this stall because the lumpia here doesn’t have that pungent smell that comes naturally form the bamboo shoot.

There are also many choices for fillings, from traditional ones to the seafood ones. The price varies, depending on the fillings, ranging from IDR8000 to 20000. Lumpia Cik Meme is located at Jalan Gajahmada no 107.

Lumpia Mataram

Lumpia Mataram. via Instagram/saxkiamytha

This one is located on a ‘lumpia center’, meaning you can find a lot of lumpia stalls nearby. However, Lumpia Mataram is the most popular one around here. It has been making lumpia since 1988, and that’s a testament of how good their lumpia is. The price for a lumpia here is IDR13000. Lumpia Mataram is located at Jalan MT Haryono No 533 A.

Lumpia Amoy

Lumpia Amoy. via Instagram/spiceupyourpalette

It can be said that Lumpia Amoy sells the quintessential of Lumpia Semarang. You can have dry and wet lumpia with the fillings of mostly bamboo shoots and shrimp. Lumpia Amoy has developed from street gawker to permanent stall. The price is similar to others, ~IDR12000. This stall is located at Jalan Jagalan No 95A Semarang.

Lumpia Express

Lumpia Express. via Instagram/mariskaannastasia

Despite its name, this one is not a take away only lumpia seller. You can enjoy the lumpia here at its comfortable dine-in place. Lumpia Express has been around since 2003 and offering good choices of fillings, including crab. The prices ranging from IDR7000 to 18000. You can find Lumpia Express at Jalan Gajahmada 142AA Gabahan, Semarang.

Lumpia delight. via Instagram/thequirkyfoodie

Lumpia has become an integral part of Semarang’s identity. This city is even known as the city of lumpia. Sure you can get lumpia virtually everywhere in Indonesia, but for the authentic lumpia taste, you should try at least once in Semarang.

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