Great Places for Lebaran Fashion Shopping in Bandung


Bandung is a lovely, comfy city at the heart of West Java. Surrounded by mountains, the air in this city is cool and the panorama is wonderful. Bandung also has a reputation as an innovative city, including in the fashion sector. That is why Bandung is a great place for fashion shopping for Lebaran.

Cibaduyut shoe. via Instagram/efitashop

During the Dutch colonial days, Bandung was already popular retreat destination. In the last two decades or so, Bandung has become the center of cheap quality fashion. Here are the places where you can fashion shopping prior to Lebaran.

Pasar Baru Trade Center

A store at Pasar Baru Trade Center. via Instagram/dfashiontextiles

This is a huge traditional market, selling mostly clothing items. You can buy virtually anything wearable here. There are lots of items like footwear, casual clothing, any kind of bags, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, and even school uniform. In short, whatever it is you need, you can buy it in this market. The price is affordable and negotiable too.


Cihampelas walk. via Instagram/arian_rizqi_maulana54

There are lots of clothing stores in Cihampelas. Indeed, you can find a fashion store just a few steps from the last one. However, most of the stores here sell similar items; jeans and a T-shirt. Once in a while, you will find leatherwear stores. Other than those, there are also snack stores here.

Gang Tamim

A tailor at Gang Tamim. via Instagram/dr_dono

Gang Tamim is an alley just behind Pasar Baru Trade Center. This is where you can find many sheet cloth sellers, mostly jeans. The interesting thing is that there are lots of tailors in this alley and you can have them made clothes for you. Even if you don’t have time to wait, you can have it sent to your address.

Binong Jati Knitting Center

Binong Jati. via Instagram/busanarajut

Just as the name suggests, this is where you can buy knitted clothes. Binong Jati is the center of knitting craft in Bandung. There is a market at Binong that sell mostly knitted crafts. The craftsmen and craftswomen here also make clothes for other brands which would be sold for a good profit. That is why buying here is the best option.

Cigondewah Fabric Center

Cigondewah Fabric Center. via Instagram/lagagha_textile

This is the center of cloths, the raw material for the clothing. People generally don’t buy for personal use here as most of them are buying for their business. Thus, the commonly buy not only based on the size of the clothes but mostly by weight. You will often find people buying fabrics in kilograms rather than in meters.

Factory Outlets

The Heritage, one of the factory outlets in Riau Street. via Instagram/rahmaliestafiani

For younger generations, Factory Outlets are the place to go when they need new clothes. Initially, factory outlets sell clothes that don’t pass the sorting process. Those clothes were supposed to be exported to rich countries but then sold at a very low price. However, today’s factory outlets are mostly selling perfect clothes at full price. You can find lots of factory outlets in Riau Street and Dago.

Cibaduyut Market

Cibaduyut shoes. via Instagram/erik.rachmat

For decades, Cibaduyut is popular as the center of footwear craft in Bandung. Initially, they made and sell handmade leather shoes at this market. However, with the availability of technology and new materials, they made almost all types of footwear nowadays. The main allure here is that the price is low.

Shopping activity at Pasar Baru Trade Center. via instagram/dfashiontextiles

Bandung is really the center of the local fashion in Indonesia. This is the city where the fashion trend in the country started. The best thing of all, everything is relatively cheap here. That is why fashion shopping in Bandung is very attractive, especially during Lebaran.

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