Labuan Cermin Lake, a Mirror with Two Flavors


East Kalimantan is a large province with great natural resources. Berau Regency is an especially popular tourist destination in this province. One of the most wonderful place in Kalimantan is indeed located in this regency. One of them is Labuan Cermin Lake.

Walking in the water. via Instagram/travisburkephotography

Most people might know Berau as the administrative regency of the beautiful Derawan Islands. However, Berau is more than just Derawan. They also have the Labuan Cermin Lake, a wonderful and mirror-like lagoon in Berau.

Location and access

The lake is actually a algoon. via Instagram/tasyalennn

Administratively, Labuan Cermin is part of Biduk-biduk District, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. Getting to this spot is generally easy as the road leading there is quite good already. However, this lake is quite far from a big airport. For example, if you are visiting Samarinda, you will need at least six hours’ drive to get to the lake. If you are not familiar with the area, you’d better contact a travel agency or rent a car along with the driver.

Two types of water

There are two types of water here. via Instagram/cheche8457

Labuan Cermin is actually not a lake at all. It is a lagoon with a direct connection to the sea via a bottleneck pass. It creates a really unique condition as this lagoon has two types of water. The surface and upper part of the water is freshwater. However, if you dive a few meters deep, you will notice that it is saltwater down there. That is why people also call it the two-flavors lake.


You can (and should) dive here. via instagram/chintiadw

The lake has dark green yet clear water. If you manage to get to this lake, you will have an opportunity to dive into two types of water in the same lake. Many visitors come here to swim, snorkel, or flat out free dive in this lake. There is no coral reef whatsoever and the lakebed is rather barren. However, the water is clean and visibility is really good.


The lake is very instagramable. via Instagram/tasyalennn

The other reason why this lake is really popular is because of its instagenic feature. This place is a dream for many celebgrams because of the beauty of the place. With the right equipment, you can make a really one of a kind picture. Whether it is underwater, a bird-eye picture using droned, or panoramic pictures on the boat at the lake. Everything will come good in this lagoon.

Boay exploration is also fun. via Instagram/mandalika.adv

Labuan Cermin is a unique lagoon. It is connected directly to the sea but has a freshwater surface. This is a great place to visit in Berau, especially if you want something different after visiting Derawan.

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