Meet Rare Exotic Animals at the Magical Derawan Islands


Kalimantan is known for its rich rainforest and the subsequent land biodiversity. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find marine beauty here. There are several small islands near the coast of Kalimantan with amazing beauty.

Derawan Islands. via Instagram/wdwira91

Derawan Islands is one of such places. This small archipelago is a wonderful place with many stunning panoramas of the small islands. Apart from being beautiful, Derawan is also the home of many rare sea animals, making it a great place to visit and explore. Here is what you need to know about Derawan Islands.

Where in the world is Derawan?

The mesmerizing Kakaban island. via Instagram/afiholle

Derawan Islands is situated at the eastern coast of Kalimantan. Administratively, it is within Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. This archipelago comprises of 31 small islands, Each of them has a wonderful natural charm that is hard to resist. To get to these islands, you need to fly to Tanjung Redeb in Berau and then charter a boat to explore the islands.

Swimming with the stingless jellyfish

Swimming with the jellyfish. via Instagran/tukang_jalan

Derawan Islands has a lot of things, but the most curious one is probably the lake at Kakaban Island. This saltwater lake is completely contained within the Kakaban Island. Many people who swim there didn’t even realize that there are four species of stingless jellyfish living in that lake.

The jellyfish. via Instagram/fren.trip

The jellyfish species are Mastigas Papua (spotted jellyfish), Aurelia Aurita (the moon jellyfish), Tripedalia Cystophora (the box jellyfish) and Cassiopea Ornata (the one which swims with their tentacles up).

To the Turtle Traffic

A turtle in Turtle Traffic Derawan. via Instagram/steven.alexandre

If you dive in Maratua Island, you might stumble into the spot known as the Turtle Traffic. As the name suggests, this is the place if you want to meet the endangered green Sea Turtles gliding freely in their natural habitat.

Some beaches on Maratua Island is known as the breeding place for this species. Anyway, you will probably meet these beautiful turtles in a colorful coral reef.

Meet the whale shark, the gentle giant

The gentle giant whale shark. via Instagram/fearlessandfar

The whale shark is generally a harmless giant and they can tolerate human’s presence. However, you need to respect the code of conduct when meeting this beautiful spotted giant.

They are huge, move gracefully, and generally only wanders to find some food, mostly anchovies. Some people even lure this beautiful fish by feeding them anchovies so they can admire it closely.

Among the jellyfish. via Instagram/didijournal

Derawan is definitely much more than beautiful creatures. It is a natural wonder where you can find many beautiful beaches and calm waters rich in marine life. However, the truly unforgettable experience in this place is the chance to interact with its rightful inhabitants; the sea creatures.

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