The Legendary Sunset City and Triton Bay at Kaimana


Papua is an Island with lots of natural potentials, including in the tourism sector. You can find many beautiful area, not just spots, on this island and its nearby smaller islands. The only problem is that the infrastructure isn’t really there yet.

The most popular tourist destination in Papua is definitely Raja Ampat. However, there are many other places with huge tourism potential you can find in all of Papua. One of the place that you need to see is the Kaimana, a regency in West Papua.

The Sunset City

Kaimana Regency is known for its legendary sunsets, there is even a popular song about it. There are simply so many places where you can enjoy sunsets in this part of Papua. The most popular place to enjoy the golden hours is definitely at the beach, which is a lot in Kaimana.

The beautiful sunset. via Instagram/hausihuphotosoper

During the sunset, you can see the sky changing its colors multiple times. At some points, you probably could see any color you can think of because the sky is literally burst with colors, from one spectrum to another. Not even Bali has this kind of sunset, that is why many people who have witness sunset in Kaimana tends to come back to enjoy more.

The Triton Bay

The Triton Bay. vai Instagram/

The Triton Bay is filled with many small coney islands, just like in Raja Ampat. The difference is that some of the cliffs here are quite tall. In a way, that will remind you of Hawaii with its sheer green cliffs. Triton Bay is also home to many rare animals including whale sharks. You can easily explore the beauty of the bay by renting a boat from local fishermen or from a tour agency.

Sisir Pond

Kolam Sisir. via Instagram/lostpacker

Kolam Sisir is a small pond that is usually used for a bathing place by locals. The pond is only 20 minutes away from the city of Kaimana. The road to the pond is also quite good you can reach it by car or motorcycle. The water in this pond is crystal clear and it’s also not too deep, making it relatively safe for everyone.

Kamaka Lake

Kamaka Lake. via instagram/mtfbroy_

This lake is quite unique. Unlike many other lakes, the tide cycle here is not daily or even yearly. The tide cycle is completed every five to eight years. In the high tide, this lake is beautiful with its blue water, ideal for water exploration. During the low tide, locals use the land as a farming area. Unfortunately, access to this lake is not well-developed yet.

Triton Bay. via Instagram/andrikilua

Kaimana has lots of beautiful spots. This sunset regency does live up to its name as the sunset here is simply beautiful beyond words. Kaimana is also rich in other natural attractions. The only drawback is the access because the most convenient way to get there is by flying from Ambon or Manokwari.

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