The Massive and Unique Jember Fashion Carnaval 2019


Jember wasn’t one of the main destinations in East Java. However, this city became popular for its fashion carnival. The Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) is an annual event that has become quite a massive event, it’s even in the top ten of 100 National Calendar of Event (CoE).

A costume for JFC. via Instagram/ronnyariojoewono

This year’s edition takes the theme of ‘Tribal Grandeur’. It will involve more than 6000 participants that will light up Jember with colors. Here is all you need to know about Jember fashion Carnaval 2019.


A dress designed by Dynand Fariz. via Instagram/ronnyariojoewono

This huge festival started with a dream of Dynand Fariz who considers himself as an educator in fashion. He established a fashion school in Jember. His school organized a ‘mode week’. This is the seed of JFC as his students had to use the road as the catwalk. The popularity of the ‘mode week’ indeed inspired him to create JFC. It was also a huge success and the rest is history.


The participants walk in the street of Jember. via Instagram/jemberfashioncarnaval

JFC is much more than just a fashion show. They aim to fulfill four main targets (4E): Education, Entertainment, Exhibition, and Economic Benefit. In addition, the aim is to provide a free fashion education, free entertainment to the general populace, a great exhibition to promote the city, and ultimately brings an economic benefit to the land. This 4E concept is basically a way for the JFC to contribute to society.


A model walk in the catwalk. via instagram/afonasis

The core of this event is basically a fashion parade. So you can expect thousands of people in wonderful attire parading the streets of Jember. They commonly walk from Central Park to the Jember Sports Hall. Furthermore, they will be divided into several parts according to their general themes. Each one will also be assessed based on their costumes, makeup, and hairstyle.

Location and Time

A costume inspired by Minang culture. via Instagram/jemberfashioncarnaval

For this year, the festival will run from July 31st to August 4th. The main venue for the carnival is at Sudarman Street, Jember. For the carnival, it will be held every day with different themes such as Pets Carnival, Kids & Artwear Carnival, Wonderful Archipelago Indonesia Carnival, and ultimately Grand Carnival. The venue for the Exhibition is at Central Park, Jember.

The poster for JFC 2019. via Instagram/jemberfashioncarnaval

Jember Fashion Carnaval attracts hundreds of thousands or people every year. The festival has a humble beginning and has grown into a world-class event. However, it stays true to its initial vision to give the best to the society.

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