All You Can Eat Iftar Packages under 150K in Surabaya


Surabaya is the second biggest city in Indonesia. As such, there are a lot of lovely hotels in this city, the capital of East Java. Consequently, you can also find a lot of interesting iftar packages in hotels Surabaya.

Iftar package at Tunjungan. via Instagram/ tunjunganhotelsurabaya

Entering Ramadan, Surabaya becomes a festive city. You can easily see it once you enter the city as there are many Islamic ornaments you everywhere. Finding a place for breakfasting should be easy because there are many establishments that offers interesting packages. Lastly, Here are the most interesting iftar packages under IDR150K in Surabaya hotels.

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

Sugeng BUko at Majapahit Hotel. via Instagram/hotelmajapahitsby

Breakfasting at this hotel will give you an interesting experience. First, You can enjoy traditional Javanese and Madurese dishes. Next, taking the name Sugeng Buko (Happy breakfasting), this package will cost you IDR148,000 per person. Additionally, you can also enjoy a live cooking demonstration here. Lastly, Hotel Majapahit is at Jl. Tunjungan No.65, Genteng, Surabaya City.

The Alana

Enjoying Bakso at the Alana. via Instagram/thealanasurabayahotel

At this hotel, you can enjoy a full package of iftar for IDR118,000 per pax. The theme is ‘Bedug Ramadhan’ (Ramadan Drum) as bedug is an iconic item in mosques. The buffet consists of more than 50 dishes. Also, you can see a live cooking demo in this package. In Addition, you also get the chance to win some door prize. Finally, The Alana is located at Jl. Ketintang Baru I No.10-12, Ketintang, Gayungan, Surabaya.

Yello Hotel Jemursari

The refreshing jelly. via Instagram/yellojemursari

This hotel chooses an interesting name for its iftar package; Kampoeng Ramadhan Season 2. In detail, the package will set you back IDR118,000 per person. You will get a complete dish, from takjil to the main course. particularly, the dish is delicious and it is held at wok ‘N Tok Restaurant of the hotel. Lastly, Yello Hotel is located at Jl. Raya Jemursari No.176, Kendangsari, Tenggilis Mejoyo, Surabaya.

Verwood Hotel

Iftar at Verwood. via Instagram/verwoodhotel

Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan at Verwood will be special. First of all, there are lots of exciting offers, including an iftar package for IDR100,000 per person. Then, the dish is delicious with Indonesian food buffet. The menu will vary every week, too. Lastly, Verwood Hotel is located at Jl. Raya Kupang Indah, Putat Gede, Suko Manunggal, Surabaya.

Tunjungan Hotel

Enjoying iftar at Tunjungan. via Instagram/tunjunganhotelsurabaya

The iftar package in Tunjungan Hotel is quite straightforward. Specifically, you can enjoy the full iftar experience here for IDR150,000 per person. Here, you can enjoy the local and Asian menu at Pemuda Café. However, they do market the package as a family place. Finally, Tunjungan Hotel is at Jl. Tunjungan No.102-104, Kedungdoro, Tegalsari, Surabaya.

Delicious snack at Verwood. via Instagram/verwoodhotel

Surabaya is indeed a religious city. To illustrate, this city is one of the main entrance of Islam in Java. So, it is no wonder that you can find many interesting iftar packages in Surabaya.

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