5 Best Hot Springs in North Bandung


Bandung is famous for its mountainous landscape and cool climate. Bandung also has many beautiful places, both naturally and artificially beautiful tourist destinations.

Sari Ater Hotel & Resort. via Instagram/sariater_hotelresort

If the Bandung air feels too cold for you, you might need to try to come to the hot springs in this area. Here are some hot springs that you can find in the North Bandung.

Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort

The hot pools. via Instagram/maribayaresort

As the name implies, this place is a resort that offers hot baths. There are a number of packages that you can choose here, starting from the Foot Spa, Deluxe Pool, VIP Pool, and Soak Room. When soaking here, you will get the comfort of a typical professionally run resort.

warm soaking at sunset. via Instagram/maribayaresort

In some packages, you will get toiletries and towels. The location of Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort is on Jl. Raya Maribaya No.105 / 212, Langensari, Lembang, West Bandung Regency.

Gracia Hot Spring

Gracia resort Ciater. via Instagram/yudhit_ajawaila

The resort provides 3 hot pools for adults and one pool for children. There are several beach chairs for you to relax after enjoying the warmth of the pool. This place also provides many other facilities such as bathrooms, spas, cafes and restaurants, and even rooms to stay.

Gracia resort Ciater. via Instagram/kelvintanadi

Like most other hot springs, water in Gracia Hot Spring also contains sulfur. The address of Gracia Hot spring is on Jalan Blok Dawuan, Cikondang Village, Nagrak, Ciater.

Ciater Hot Spring

Lovely warm pool. via Instagram/diah.mariko

This resort is an integrated tourist area. In addition to the hot pools, you will also be able to find trekking facilities, outbound, fishing ponds, spas, and lodgings. The scenery around this resort is also very beautiful, dominated by green hills.

Pool is safe for attended children. via Instagram/ irmarahmawati91

Only 10 minutes from Tangkuban Perahu, Ciater Hot Spring is one of the popular destinations in this area. Ciater’s Hot spring address is in Nagrak, Ciater, Subang Regency.

Cipanas Nagrak Parongpong Hot Spring

Cipanas Nagrak Parongpong Hot Spring. via Instagram/oh_maspras

Compared to some hot springs in West Bandung, Cipanas Nagrak Parongpong Hot Spring is still not very well known. However, this actually adds to the beauty of its natural charm.

Cipanas Nagrak Parongpong Hot Spring. via Instagram/apitooo

You can still enjoy Hot Spring in its natural state. Consequently, though, you can’t get complete facilities like what you would get at resorts nearby. Location of Cipanas Nagrak Parongpong Hot Spring is on Jalan Nagrak Kulon Sukajaya, Lembang.

Sari Ater Hotel & Resort

Sari Ater Hotel & Resort. via Instagram/sariater_hotelresort

Just as the name suggests, Sari Ater Hotel & Resort is an integrated tourist destination that will enable you to enjoy the convenience of soaking in hot water. This resort provides six options for soaking in hot water.

Sari Ater Hotel & Resort. via Instagram/sariater_hotelresort

This place also provides many other facilities, ranging from outdoor activities to nice dining place and lodging. Sari Ater Hotel and Resort is located Jalan Raya Ciater, Ciater, Subang Regency.

Cipanas Nagrag Parongpong Hot Spring. via Instagram/ri__andrian

Overall, it can be said that the majority of hot springs to the north of Bandung City have been professionally managed. You can enjoy a lot of good facilities while soaking hot water in this area.

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