The Magnificent Harau Valley, the Yosemite of Indonesia


Harau Valley is a lovely place in West Sumatra, marked by its lovely topography. This valley is popular for its general panoramic view as well as the culture of its people. It is the definition of photogenic place, or in today’s word; instagenic.

The valley. via Instagram/nikidina

The main feature of the valley is of course its sheer cliffs in each side and the fertile land between them. The place is a popular destination for photographers as well as young people who want to fill their social media feeds with wonderful pictures. many people call this place the Yosemite of Indonesia. Here is why you need to visit Harau Valley.

Easily accessible

Rice field in the valley. via Instagram/rifafahriza

Harau Valley is located in a strategic position, just by the main road that connects Bukittinggi (West Sumatra) to Pekanbaru (Riau). That means that you can easily get to this valley on public transport. It will be even easier if you come with a car or motorcycle as you can freely get to this place anytime you want.

Naturally Instagenic

Instagenic place. via Instagram/535ri

This valley is a favorite destination for serious photographer as well as those who want to fill their instagram feed with beautiful pictures. The sheer cliffs are just one of the many wonderful background.

You can also find waterfalls, well-kept rice field, the freely roaming cattle, small stream with clear waters, or even the traditional Minangkabau houses. You will be overwhelmed with choices here.

Challenging rock climbing

Climbing the sheer cliff. via Instagram/indoflashlight

The cliffs in this place can reach up to 150 meters in height. That is a wonderful setting for those who love rock climbing. This place is indeed popular for rock climbers who sought for a challenging climb in a natural setting.

In this valley, there are no less than 300 spots that has been used for climbing. Most of the climbing spots are located in an infrequently visited area too, so the atmosphere is calm.

The Improvements

Colorful mini buildings. via Instagram/rickyfernando7877

Unsatisfied with the many beautiful spots in this valley, they built a park to attract even more people. The park is simply named Harau Dream Park, with many rides and attractions. The whole park is taking inspiration and influenced by many parks in Bandung, especially in Lembang.

Colorful buildings. via Instagram/haraudreampark

That is why you can find photo spots like flying bike, hot air balloon, European-style mini buildings, and many more. In Lembang, the general background is mountainous area with pine forest. Here, your background in the picture is naturally incredible multicolored cliffs.

Sunrise in the valley. via Instagram/sumbar_rancak

Harau Valley is already wonderful on its own. This is a valley of legend, with so many beautiful spots in it. Some people might find that the modern addition of photo spots is a bit tacky, but the reality is that many people love it. This valley is also a heaven for rock climbers with the many spots the can try to climb here.

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