Find Total Tranquility at Hidden Green Canyon Undisan


Tebing Hijau Undisan (literally Green Canyon of Undisan) is often dubbed as the green canyon of Bali. It is an ancient canyon carved by a river flowing there for millions of years. The most interesting part is, of course, the color of the cliffs in the canyon; it is green as it is covered with moss.

The green canyon. via Instagram/laguna_bali

Unlike the Beji Guwang Canyon which is often used as an exploration site, the green canyon of Undisan is a more tranquil place. This is a place where you can relax and contemplate about your spirituality. Here are some facts about Green Canyon Undisan.


The path to the canyon. via Instagram/ kamil_wisniewski_wwa

Administratively, Green Canyon Undisan is located on Undisan Kelod, Kecamatan Tembuku, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali. It is located in a much-hidden location, and you have to go through a difficult trek to get there. The pathway leading to this canyon is just opened by the local community, which can be challenging at times.

A calm river. via Instagram/komang_mountainsofbali

However, you will be presented with a beautiful view along with your trip to the canyon. You will be able to see pristine natural panorama which covers tropical rainforest, rivers, and also rice fields. This trip is ideal if you want to have a relaxing walk in the outback of Bali.

Sacred Place

Unique canyon. via Instagram/dedianggaradana

You must realize that Green Canyon Undisan is a sacred place to Balinese. It is not treated like a sacred temple where you have to wear sash and sarong to enter, but you still have to wear and behave properly. Wearing a T-shirt and short is acceptable, much better than wearing swimsuits.

A peaceful place. via Instagram/swasnabawa_

Many people come to this canyon for its tranquility, to achieve calmness through meditation or yoga. Be sure to not bother other tourists who try to do so. Use your common sense and when in doubt, ask your guide.

Faces in the cliffs

faces on the cliff. via Instagram/b_jackkrisan

In a glance, you can barely see anything at all on the cliff at this canyon. It’s just green, and that is all. The shapes and contour of the cliff are abstract at best and you barely see anything special apart from that. However, from those abstract surfaces, some people claim to see two faces. This is of course only an interpretation of some people. You might want to come here yourself to confirm it.


This place is so inviting to explore. via Instagram/gwenznovita

Since the trip to the canyon can be a bit challenging, make sure you wear proper footwear. A flip-flop is not a good option as the road can be slippery in some parts. You must also prepare your body to make sure that you are ready to face the challenge there.

The general view of Undisan village. via Instagram/arry.kitting

Green Canyon Undisan is a fairly new tourist destination, it lacks basic facilities like toilet, food stalls, or even proper seats. You must also put those into consideration before deciding to explore this place.

having fun with friends. via Instagram/made_sony

All in all, Green Canyon Undisan is a lovely place where you can find tranquility in the nature. There is nothing here, and that can mean good or bad, depending on your preference. This is the place to visit if you want to escape the crowded beaches of Southern Bali.

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